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Thread: Anybody tried these?

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    Man, I wish they would replace the Attends in the US with the European product. There is just no comparison between the two.

    It's like if they made Jaguar cars both in the UK and the US, but the US one was actually a Ford Fiesta with a Jaguar sticker placed over the Ford one. So annoying.

    But to answer your question, I have tried them. These are different from the M10. They have a cloth like outer fabric and velcro closures. The wings stretch as well so you can get a close fit. Me, I prefer the original M10, but these are interesting-- more like modern-day Pampers.

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    Dang it! Would love to see these in the US. I wonder if anybody's importing them. *runs off to look*

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    They do offer these in the U.S. They're called the Tena Super Stretch. :-)


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    Quote Originally Posted by RMS401 View Post
    They do offer these in the U.S. They're called the Tena Super Stretch. :-)

    The Tena Stretch sides almost look like pull-up sides but with velcro closure in front. The Attends look much more like big Huggies diapers. But, of course, we only have these illustrations. It would be great to see some actual pictures.

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    Those are similar to the Attends Slip Active diapers, except the ones you're referencing are cloth-back and slightly different. If you wanted the plastic-backed version with single stretch tapes, you'd opt for the Attends Slip Active. There's also the Attends Slip Regular, which is plastic-backed, but has cloth-like sides for a cooler feel and 2 tapes per side instead of 1. That's my personal favorite of the bunch

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