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Thread: Hypothetical questions

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    Wink Hypothetical questions

    Ok what if.....?

    You had a room mate and you came home from work early, BUT when you come home you walk in on your friend padded on the couch and he just stares at you shocked stuttering trying to explain. Instead of walking out though you just sit down and start watching tv acting like nothing is wrong and asking him stuff like what he wants to eat for dinner.

    Like how funny would that be. I think it be hilarious if he didn't know you liked diapers also and he is just baffled. xD

    Would you do this? How would you feel if that was you and he told you later on?

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    I would have said i'm going to get changed in to my diaper then if your already changed and see his/her reaction

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    I love this, I think it would be hilarious. Of course I couldn't pull it off because I would be freaking out like in one of those twighlight zone moments.
    How cool would it actually be though.

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    It would be hard to say how I would react, but hopefully I would be brave enough to join in. In fact, I hope I would be brave enough to grab a diaper and onsie and be like "Can I have change?"

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    I would ask why they have one on and if they like diapers or have a medical problem.

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    At first, I would be completely and utterly shocked. After that wears off, I would be ecstatic! No longer would I have to keep it a secret, and no longer would I have to grab the packages in the mail before anyone else!

    You know, come to think of it, I was in my footie pajamas the other day, and had my roommate comment on how awesome they were, how comfortable and fuzzy they looked, and that he didn't know they made those for adults. That does make me wonder...

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    Definitely total shock and probably a bit of empathetic embarrassment (as in, wow I did not mean to do that to you). Then I'd be like "this is awesome!" and get my own diaper on.

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    I'd probably jump conclusions and say, "Oh shit! It looks like you got into my diapers!"

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    *closes door behind* "Oh, you too? Cool." *Rips pants off self and throws them to the right exposing diaper already on* Carries on about the day*

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    I'd probably discuss this with him, and if I can get him to confirm that they're an ABDL, I'd come out to them.

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