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    Of all the diapers/pullups out there ranging from the infant and toddlers throught the small chidren and teens and all the way up to the adults and big name premiums, what are some of your favorites you have seen used or experianced.

    ill start by saying i will always have a soft spot in my heart for boys goodnites i wore them 13 years 24/7 and abused them to high hell and never once have they ever leaked nor let my mess over the guards and into my pants. i peed and pooped in my goodnites from 5 years old till 13 when i finally gave up useing diapers during the day.

    um as for a few others with the two kids i raise i tend to experiment one day ill just buy them a store brand over the children's "premiums" just to see their reaction and personal tastes.

    of those i have bought. me and my son agree on his favorite and now his only pullup. CVS Store Brand 4T-5T boys training pants. they have cool rocket ships and stars and UFO's on them and for being marketed at a child as small as he is, it can hold a TON of liquid. like easily one full sized adult wetting (i tried once)

    um my bro likes Underjams (he gets them only for birthdays, and christmas because they are Expensive and rare in his size and often have to be ordered online). but another one of his favorites is also a CHEAP store brand. and i mean REAL CHEAP. Brand is called "Best Choice" the name is simply "bed wetting pants" the are Genderless solid white thick all the way around so he can flip them and go again. but they are just so basic and simple he likes them.

    all three of us agree on Pampers Cruisers. occasionally i will buy a pack for both boys..

    now MY favorites.

    Bambino Teddys LOVE THEM

    Abena M3 pull ups. they are best pullup and can be worn anywhere and reliable enough to wet in public

    Abena M4 Cloth which i think i may have to go up to L4 as my teddys are now at large.

    i like Pampers Easy ups. the way the look and feel, how they handle being wet (little known fact i found out last time i was low on money) pampers pullups both underjams and easy ups will dry out after a week or so and can be used again as an experiment i tried this with both boys easy ups got up to three cycles reliably before leaks and underjams got two reuses. so they had one mega pack of easy ups and a Case Of Under jams.

    40 Under jams lasted him three and a half months in this cycle
    and the mega pack of easy ups lasted 33 count lasted over 90 days

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    Hi! Love your enthusiastic post. I respect the Abina pullups. They never leaked, but I never punished them with multiple floods. Comfy, too. Actually, Depends Real Fit didn't let me down either, but I never used them to the extent I did the Abenas. I want to try Tranquility's pullups, and the wife keeps promising to sew some trainers for me as well.

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    Wow, what's your waist size? It's amazing that you can fit into Easy Ups. I don't think even I'd be able to fit in them at waist size 32''

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    Quote Originally Posted by silverpower View Post
    Wow, what's your waist size? It's amazing that you can fit into Easy Ups. I don't think even I'd be able to fit in them at waist size 32''
    i don't still dosent stop me from buying them and experimenting with a couple though. as far as kids diapers go i buy in a specif ic size range i take one or two to do as i please with and give the rest to the kids who can legitimatly use them for thier intended purpouse no diaper ever goes to waste in my house there are three of us and any diaper there will be used by one of us three.

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