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Thread: Favorite top three Muppets

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    Default Favorite top three Muppets

    So I am tiered and feeling a little bummed, so I thought of something fun to lighten my mood.

    How are your top three favorite Muppets?

    For me it is:

    1) Rizzo the rat

    2) Beaker

    3) Animal

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    Mine would be:

    - Gonzo

    - Rolf (The piano playing dog)

    - Fozzy bear

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    The Swedish chef
    Statler and Waldorf (I count them as one)

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    Swedish chef when he does the popcorn song
    Animal because he's crazy
    and I know it's 2 but the to old hecklers

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    Quote Originally Posted by tiny View Post
    Just three?! Oh... what a choice!

    Another vote for Grover!!! Yaaaaaaay! (he's the best).

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