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Thread: Guess what can be grown using stem cells?

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    Default Guess what can be grown using stem cells?

    Ummmm, ok. I know it is probably not possible for a guy, but what if you could have your very own vagina? There is a disorder where some females don't have a vagina because it doesn't develop...they then take cells from where it was supposed to be...put in a dish, add some science, and vagina.

    Men don't have these cells I guess, but perhaps they can be borrowed?

    The type of cells that develop are very supple, like in your mouth, or a womans vagina.

    Who knows what a few years may bring? If it's easy...would you stop at one?

    Here is the article: Designer vaginas grown in lab News in Science (ABC Science)

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    Very interesting

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    I recently read an article where they are growing insulin producing cells using stem cells. They see it as a possible cure to Type I diabetes, something a lot more exciting I should think. I think I read somewhere that they are using pig muscle tissue to build back muscle tissue in human legs where the muscle tissue had to be removed. The world is changing before our very eyes.

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    I do think it will be possible someday for transgenders too. It could be an unfortunate long while though.

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    who wants to wait until they can grow one in a petri-dish when all the Doctor needs do is give you a good poke... and Voila!
    where once you had an outie, you now have an innie..... (giggles)

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    Besides, to add to what littlelodgewrecker said... im sure growing your own vagina isn't exactly cheap if the poking doctor still charges an arm and a leg lol and wont be cheap unless there is a high demand xD

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