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Thread: Good deal on Attends!

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    Default Good deal on Attends!

    I know Attends aren't the best diaper out there, but I found a great price on them....

    Walgreens everyday price for a case of 72 large or 88 medium waistband style Attends (3 tapes on each side) is $49.99 including shipping. They have a coupon on their site for 20% off on any regularly priced item, which deducts $10 off the case price.

    $40 isn't bad for a case of Attends with shipping. I just throw an Abena Abri-Let booster pad in there, and they are great.

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    That is a pretty good deal. Can't afford it now, but I'll keep an eye on the site!

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    The Walgreens I went to today had an Attends sizing pack which had three diapers in it, one of M and twp of L, I do believe. $2.98 or $3.98, I don't remember. I didn't buy as I was in a hurry.

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