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    I have not purchased diapers in a few years ... when last i did i stuck pretty heavily to goodnites, just because of the ease of getting them wothout feeling too traumatized at checkout.
    I was wondering what some other ones to try now might be (I do have the option of ordering online now, which I didn't then - but I'm kinda hoping to get the goods tonight)
    I like bulky and side tapes ideally.
    Does anyone have any good recommendations for some I could buy in store and have tonight?
    I'd love to hear online sourced ideas too, just feeling impatient!

    Also ... proce points on anything you suggest might also be helpful ...

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    The only thing you're going to get in-store are depends protection with tabs. They're an ok tape up diaper as long as you keep in mind that they're not going to stand up to a flood and they can probably hold a bit less than the capacity of your bladder.

    Depending on your location, you could try checking medical stores or independent pharmacies. They'll occasionally stock molicare, tranquility, or tena (cloth backed tena in the US is kinda bad).

    If you're ordering online, molicare and abena are pretty bulky.

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