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Thread: Hi all!

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    Default Hi all!

    So I did my intro a little while ago, but maybe I should have done it here!

    About me, well where do I start? It's a long one, but hope it may relate to someone?

    I have to be honest no idea? it's mystifying.

    firstly am bladder and bowel incont hence I'm here!
    I get random numbness, crawling, sciatica, cervical radiculopathy, clonus in my legs, and as I found out babinsky signs!

    so when I saw neuro's and had the abnormal neuro exam, was sent off to the big magnet, in it for a bloody hour nearly! then mri came back very vague?

    Found out I had reversal of normal cervical lordosis, slight scoliosis, disk bulge at L1/2 and L5/S1 with annular tear, plus one or two tiny dots of high signal In the peripheral white matter! But apparently normal??????

    Bloods were fine apart from a weak positive for ANA hep2. incidentally i think is down to the fact I have ranaulds too?

    Now being a healthcare professional myself, it's very hard seeing colleagues myself, I still maintain my job! Don't want people messing with me till I know exactly what's going on!

    Even I have no idea? It doesn't seem to explain all my symptons.

    Well that's me! Hello!

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    Hi again, mn72.

    Wow. That is a whole lot of nasty! I am so sorry! And, according to your previous intro, you still cannot go into the continence program there and thus are paying out of pocket despite that nationalized health care? How is that even possible with this lengthy list of issues?

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    Hi mn72 your symptoms seem similar to mine, I get the crawling, numbness etc.. Also chronic pain all over, but mainly my limbs, my incont only affecting my bladder thank god. All tests so far came up apparently normal with only small anomalilies like yours. It seems if you haven't got something that ticks all their boxes they don't know what to do with you, they should at least be able to manage your incontinence though through Urology. Although they still don't know what's wrong with me they are still managing my bladder problems.

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