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Thread: Nappi nippa's (snappas)

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    I've just brought some nappi nippas and they work great but all they are are rebranded snappa 's as it's embossed all over them so basically the same

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    I've thought about them, but do they not spoil the soft feel of the front of the nappy through the plastic pants?

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    I have been using Snappis with the cloth diapers for a while now. Haven't had any issue with feel. They do a nice job of snugging things up with the center grip that pulls upward.

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    No they do not I can't even feel them trough thin trousers (pants) but it does mean it only takes 1min to put diaper on not 5 mins and pricking your self in to the mix

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    I use Boingos with my cloth diapers. They don't seem to bother my plastic pants at all. Plus they hold good and haven't
    had to readjust them.

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    Basically pins are old hat and the size us big baby's need can be painful

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    As an older safety pin user, wonder if someone might answer a couple questions on Boingos & Snappis. Seems like the teeth would damage the fabric after repeated use, do they? With multiple diapers I pin through all layers thus holding all in place. In this situation does one use Boingos/Snappis on each diaper or just the outer? thanks

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    I use my Boingos just on the outer diaper. Plus I'm vision impaired in my left eye being blind in that one.
    According to Cottontail Boingos don't really have a damaging effect on twill prefolds which is what I use.

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    Boingos and Snappis don't damage the diapers... UNLESS you're careless. If you hastily stick them on and you only get one of the little teeth in, and it only grips the topmost layer of your diaper, then yeah, you can pull threads out. If you plant the teeth firmly so that they all penetrate multiple layers of diaper, you're good.

    The bigger problem with Boingos and Snappies is catching your own flesh with them! I've done that a couple of times and OUCH! It does not feel good.

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