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Thread: Ok, here it is, a crib for everybody:

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    Wink Ok, here it is, a crib for everybody:

    Hi All,

    I have been working on a portable crib design for a few years now, and I finally have one that I think you all may like. I put my site up tonight, but it can't take orders yet, I just want to get your feedback. I talked about this on another post a little while ago and a few people were interested, but they wanted to do a payment plan. I am totally willing to work with people on this, especially members of adisc. Check out my site, and let me know what you think. You cant use the shopping cart on the site yet, but that will be up soon.

    Babica Products

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    Oh, this is fantastic, mate. Hope you get a lot of customers with this

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    Not bad. A few thoughts however. First you might want to include some data about how much weight it can withstand. Second, you might want to include a footnote somwhere for how to make an XL-twin sized unit by adding the expansion panels (I assume). Keep up the idea though.

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    Yeah, there is a bunch of info I am slowly putting together up there. It holds no weight, it goes around your bed, but its your bed or mattress that supports you. I can also make a custom PlayCrib for any sized bed (queen/king/twin), so I hope that is clear on the site.

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    It little high for a pine built crib because it very cheap and soft wood to buy on the market.

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    Gorgeous. Recalling that I had as a little baby. Love those which are made of real wood. Good job to develop such.

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    @poohbear: yeah, I know, they are higher priced than I was hoping for.... I was aiming for 400, but the spindles are hardwood and cost $130 bucks on their own, with all the other wood, and labour I would break even at $400. Nevertheless, I'm not doing this to make money, so I can give the occasional discount, just email me. My priority right now is to get these out there
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    I love it! Great idea man. I hope you sell a bunch. Hopefully one day when I get my own place again I can order one. Possibly in the future if you want to be able to sell them for cheaper you could make master molds and then make them out of a strong plastic or something. But I actually really like the wood, it gives it a classic look and feel. Are you thinking about offering different types of woods or different stains/paints?

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    Looks pretty neat, really like how you made it assemble around a bed like that. Though, I don't really understand the price of the spindles. Guess I just got spoiled with the fact I get cheap lumber because of our woodworking and carpentry business.

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