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    So, awhile back, I posted in here about having Aspergers... well essentially this has caused me to not like slimy things (such as lotion) and as you can already tell, that might cause a little bit of a problem seeing as though I am a male... however, it's not... Normally, when I am jacking off ( if this is too mature/little too wierd I will take this down) after I put on a diaper it's hands free, basically like trying to poop but holding your sphincter muscles together so nothing down there comes out (no pun intended) however recently, I have used my hand and no lotion, can't do it too often, it hurts, nevertheless after ejaculating it doesn't go limp... it stays hard and usually I can do it again... back to my original point and title, is that normal?

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    As far as lubrication goes, you could experiment with oils (olive in particular) and commercial grade lubricants. Vaseline may be the basis of 1000s of masturbation jokes but in reality it is too thick and greasy (for my preference anyway). I tried a store-brand version of K-Y and found it to have a pleasing amount of slickness but it didn't last long enough and became gummy ( I suspect it was glycerine based). In the matter of male sensitivity to orgasm, everyone is different. Some can get off just by thinking about it and others need more varying degrees of stimulation

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    I hear the K-Y products - the ones meant for intercourse work very well, although you may need to reapply. And yes, I do believe you are quite normal.

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    You're not the first guy to be able to orgasm multiple times in a short span. Nor will you be the last.

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    You sound fairly normal to me. I'm 50 and still pleasure myself although it's now only once or twice a week on average, not the daily occurence it was when I was younger. Never used lunrication though so that's a new one on me. One piece of advice I would give is to ejaculate on every occasion. I was told many years ago that not doing is unhealthy and I think it could have an adverse effect on functionality.

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    You're young, being able to ejaculate repeatedly is not uncommon when you're young. If you don't like lubes, try putting some baby powder in your diaper, that well also provide some relief.


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    I'm 66 and play with myself regularly.
    Ejaculating frequently is good for prostate health.
    I can have orgasms without touching myself.

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