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Thread: The perfect night alone

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    Default The perfect night alone

    As I'm writing this I am about to head to bed but I'll let you all know what has just happened.

    At 11 AM my roommate left to go to his parents house for the weekend, leaving me alone at our place for the weekend.

    I had University today and not to mention, working on a show to boot, so I had to leave my fun for the night.

    But when I came home, I immedietly rushed to my room, grabbed out my padding, slipped it on, grabbed my paci + paci-clip, all my stuffies and plushies, literally everything I've used as an AB/DL and brought it out to use.

    What happened next was pure bliss, sitting in the living room in nothing but a shirt, socks and padding, sipping on either orange juice, apple juice or strawberry milk from my sippy cup, watching whatever was on the disney movie channel while I drew in my colouring books.

    All the while hugging and keeping close to me my teddy bear, strewn about all over the place were random plushies I've been keeping for a while (mainly little Pooh Bear plush's).

    And interestingly enough, I ended up wetting a bit without noticing that much.

    So, I gotta say, for what it's worth, I've had a good night so far, I don't know if it'll continue into tomorrow, but I wouldn't mind if it did, since being alone and being able to wander around my house as a AB/DL feels nice for once in a long time.

    Thought I'd share it with all of you ADISC.

    Now if you excuse me, imma go nini. ^^

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    Congrats! Have fun and sweet dreams.

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    Aww, how cute.
    I'm glad you're having fun and hope you had a good sleep, little one.
    I'm alone myself right now and also having some fun. ^^

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    Sounds great! Those are the best type of nights for me too.

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    A good day to stay in Braddeh. Snuggle up away from the rain. Have fun baby

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    I'm so happy for you! I know for me that feeling of comfort I get when I can waddle around my house in my diapers worry free is pure heaven.

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    Nice, have a good time it's great to be able to lounge around the house exactly the way you want.

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    Okay, update on how it's going. This morning I basically just woke up, had a shower and went down to the store to get more stuff for the weekend ahead (while I still have this time alone), which meant grabbing some more juice, strawberry milk and all that good stuff food-wise, but I also picked up some different crayons, that of the "My First Crayola" set (since I was using a generic brand before).

    But one thing I was almost tempted on getting was some powder for being padded up and some johnsons lotion to simulate the smells relating back to regression, but I realized if I did that the smell would stay on me when I had to go in for another show tonight, so I decided against it til tomorrow. But I gotta ask, is it a good idea?

    But nevertheless, once again I had the day to just laze around my house, diapered up and letting it show, sucking on my paci, drawing and colouring in my colouring books, watching Disney Channels and Movies non-stop, I even delved into some stuff like watching Baby Einstein stuff on youtube for a bit whilst I went about. All while my plush bear was kept close.

    I ended up needing a change so I took that as a sign that I needed to get ready for tonight. And that meant being a big boy again.

    I know I can always go back to it later on, but so far, today has been a good day. And this weekend has been good as well, I'm really enjoying being able to just be a baby out in the open of my house without anyone catching on.

    It feels really great! And it'll only get better tonight and tomorrow

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    Hey, I bet someone is gonna be very relaxed and calm when "Manic Monday" finally comes around. Thanks for the upbeat post.
    I love happiness!

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