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Thread: An even longer, stranger, trip: Four years of Diapered Living.

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    Default An even longer, stranger, trip: Four years of Diapered Living.

    Hey all,

    It has been four years since I wrote my post on what it was like to go 24/7 in diapers. Actually quite surprised to see that it has been enshrined as a featured article here. I just got an order of Abena M4's and for some reason I was reminded of this community forums and decided to poke my head back in and say hello, share some of my adventures over the past four years.

    I've been busy the last couple of years. I wasn't able to maintain the rigors of being diapered 24/7, it was more of a choice of practicality than desire. I did stay diapered 24/7 for the better part of a year. I went completely toiletless for an additional six months and I thought I had sympathy for truly IC people when I wrote my original... It was surpassed when I contracted a rather nasty MRSA infection on the inside of my leg that was directly related to being diapered all the time. Needless to say I needed to stop wearing diapers all the time to treat the infection.

    From there I've settled into enjoying wearing for the sheer pleasure of being padded.

    But I thought I pop back in here to deliver some personal revelations and insights from the past four years.

    A little personal background. For those that don't know me, I'm a thirtyish, male. I have a fiance` with four children from a previous marriage. I work in the electronics field developing drone technology for agribusiness. I've been a DL for several years. I do other things on the side, like participation in the SCA, and don't mind pounding on red-hot steel to make the armor I use in the SCA.

    There's a lot of common sense tips already covered in the articles section on wearing and tips to maintain diaper hygiene. My only advice in this category is that Cheap Diapers Aren't Good, and Good Diapers Aren't Cheap. If you are dead set on going 24/7 or ever want to go utterly toiletless, invest in a generous supply of top of the line diapers from Abena, Molicare, Dry 24/7, or Wellness. Dry 24/7's were my one and only diaper until I couldn't get them anymore. I've since tried the Wellness Briefs, Abena's, and Molicares and it's a toss up between the three as they all perform admirably. It really comes down to the cut of the diaper and how it fits your body. (Hint: Samples are your friend.) Abena's fit me the best, but they have tape issues that are easily conquered by a .99 cent roll of white duct tape. Once it's on, it stays on.

    As I said earlier I had to stop wearing 24/7 because of a MRSA infection that threatened to eat my right leg and deprive me of a limb I'm rather attached to. Then I'd be writing a bit about how to enjoy diapers with a prosthetic limb instead of the one I'm writing now. There was an awkward moment in the doctor's office about the source of the infection, as it started with an ingrown hair on the inside of my right thigh. The ingrown hair was the result of using a multiple blade razor to shave my diaper "zone" so clean-up after BM's was easier. If you are going to shave your DZ, highly recommend using an electric shaver intended for the purpose as that prevents ingrown hairs from getting started in the first place.

    There was a slightly awkward moment when I told the doctor, an extremely attractive woman, that I shaved down there because I wore diapers. This lead into questions on whether I was IC, and if there were other issues in that regard. I replied in the negative. I was not IC and wasn't going to put on the pretenses to spare myself any real or imagined ridicule. She asked me why I wore them if I wasn't incontinent."For the same reason you wear garter belts, silk panties, and brassieres. I find them comfortable and they make me feel sexy." She shook her head slightly, and commented on how the sentiment was hard to argue with. I also did not care what she thought about my proclivities. The track of the conversation went back to treating my infected leg after that, diapers didn't come up again in any of my follow-ups with her.

    The infection took two months to heal back up to the point where I could wear a diaper again without it causing me unbearable agony when I walked. I was relegated to wearing at night mostly, or when I would be around the house being a couch potato. I waited a week before diapering up again full time. I kept up with the 24/7 thing for maybe another week or two, and decided that I needed a break in routine. I stopped wearing full time, and went back to nights/weekends/work. I also came up with a couple of "games" that I would play when wearing in public. It also helped with my self-conciousness of wearing publicly.

    I call it. "The Booster Butt Challenge".

    Basically the premise is to throw all caution to the wind, and wear the bulkiest diaper+booster I could with the least concealing pair of jeans I owned, and then go walk around downtown and see if I could catch anyone staring at my bum. With clever use of my cellphone, and very small camera I borrowed from my job, I could tell exactly who was looking at my diapered derriere. It was something of an experiment to see if people were even observant enough to look or notice anything out of place.

    My first outing was a disappointment/relief. One Wellness + booster wasn't enough to get any looks. Really. I'm not kidding. With properly fitting jeans it wasn't enough. I could tell I was diapered, because I knew I was diapered. But realistically, it really didn't stick out that much. And no odd looks.

    So I switched it up to an Abena X-Plus + booster, same jeans, the following day. Same thing essentially. No looks, awkward glances, or snickering comments. The same day, walked back to my house, and put on an additional Abena X-plus Large over the medium+booster. I had to switch to a large baggy set of jeans, as my normal ones would no longer fit over the diapers. It was clearly obvious that I was either diapered, or had the most epic of bubble-butts known to man. Walking normally was impossible. I hit the voyeuristic jackpot. I was nervous as hell going out that way, but I wanted to prove it to myself, once and for all, that my normal diaper usage (even with supposedly "bulky diapers" like Abena's) was essentially unnoticed by pretty much everyone around me.

    My findings are in no way empirical or have any pretext of being scientific, but of the people that I walked past, or had pass me, out of all of them... it was mostly women that would do a double-take, or outright stare at my butt. I walked past a bar where some local fraternity types were congregated outside a bar, and there were some audible expletives in regards to my appearance. None dared approach me, I even said hello as I passed. From what I did overhear it was speculation on what kind of tumor I had growing on my butt to make it look like that... anything but diapers. It was very revealing though how other men didn't really pay much regard to my odd appearance. Women more than men seemed to take particularly devilish pleasure in leering at my diapered flanks, and whispering to their compatriots about "that guy with the enormous arse." when I was secretly watching them with my cell.

    In two days I was able to slay that personal psychological dragon. Bulky diaper + normal jeans, totally passable as everyday wear.

    However, if you forget that you're wearing a shortish T-shirt, forget your belt, and your shirt rides up after tying your boots thereby revealing your diaper to everyone under the sun. Someone may inform you that your boxers are showing in back and you should tuck your shirt in.

    It's late, and I may add more to this thread later... I have more adventures to share.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Felstorm View Post
    She asked me why I wore them if I wasn't incontinent."For the same reason you wear garter belts, silk panties, and brassieres. I find them comfortable and they make me feel sexy."
    right on, brother!

    with regard to your infection, given your age, i'd keep an eye for further infections developing as a result of the earlier damage to your skin, and because of your age and employment activity (from what i can tell).
    i've not long been diagnosed with hidradenitis suppurativa, but i've had it since my early thirties, coming out of the blue, for the affected region, although i've always been prone to bacterial infections and my skin and hair types only make things worse.
    once it starts, it's a bugger to stop.

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    did your fiance not say anything about you being in diapers (especially 24/7) when you didn't need them?

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    Okay, that "Booster Butt Challenge" was very interesting!

    I'm feeling a bit surprised at the results, as even when you wore something completely obvious people thought "tumor" before "diaper"?

    Wow...just wow...

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    Quote Originally Posted by sambus View Post
    did your fiance not say anything about you being in diapers (especially 24/7) when you didn't need them?
    Probably one of the hardest things I've had to do. To say that it didn't take a bit of explaining or having to overcome some trepidation would be misleading.

    I don't really involve her in it. It's not something we really share, and it's something that I do for myself. Does she think it's odd? Yes. But it hasn't been a dealbreaker in terms of our relationship.

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