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Thread: Being sick while diapered

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    Default Being sick while diapered

    I've got a morbidly terrible stomach virus along with some kind of bad cold minor flu. I can't sneeze without messing myself and I'm sweating really badly but am freezing. I wouldn't wish this upon my worst enemy!

    I am staying my happy diapered self though. My loving gf is taking really good care of me like a "mommy" should :-) but what I want from this post is to maybe get some empathy and some similar story's to what I'm experiencing to help me feel better from this great community that I found here :-)

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    My interest in diapers pretty much evaporates when I'm ill. I can understand the possible utility of them in your condition but there's nothing there to enjoy. Diapers are best for healthy fun, so get well soon!

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