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Thread: What is incontinence like?

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    Default What is incontinence like?

    I'm not a weirdo or anything who wants incontinence, maybe a temporary one but I don't think I have the personal strength to keep that on for a lengthy period of time...

    Anyway, i'm interested in what incontinence is like? When you go, is it like a dribble? A short stream? Or just one long wetting that you don't take notice of?

    Just a curious boy :]

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    Well it just comes out sooo. The stream is probably projected on how much you drank.

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    And also, do you feel it coming? Can you tell when it's emptying into your diaper? Also curious here.

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    Another nosy question here. For those who have always been incontinent. When did you learn to change your own diaper? I'm guessing the most common times are when you found out it was a medical problem and not just poor potty training or when you learned to change the rest of your clothes.

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    i'm not incontinent and some of the the questions here remind me of 'what's it feel like to be a girl?', just a quizzical nosiness about it all.
    though i can't say what the sensations are for those incontinent, i do know that there are various types of incontinence, caused by various issues, and they will naturally determine whatever sensations are involved.
    one that puzzles me, with regard to sensation and other personal effects, is where the urethra bypasses the muscular structures at the base of the bladder, resulting in the 'constant dribble' effect; this leaves many questions for me:
    is there an increase in UTI's? unlike with a normal functioning cut-off in flow, you're always going to be wet to some degree; is this annoying? and does that make you wish that, at the very least, you had some other form of incontinence? and what other medical issues/complications are involved with this type of incontinence?

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    There are lot's of different kinds of incontinence. I suggest you do some research on it. In my case, I've had urge incontinence all my life. Basically, out of nowhere, I get a strong urge to go. If I can't get to a bathroom really fast, it just comes out all at once. This includes both my bladder and bowels. My nerves cause this. I was just born that way.

    Here's a synopsis from personal experience.

    You parents scold you because they think you doing it on purpose; you try, but fail to anticipate most of your urges; you make sure you know where all the bathrooms are located everywhere you go; you avoid places that don't have bathrooms; you try to time your bathroom visits; you get embarrassed because you have lot's and lot's of accidents; you get prescribed many drugs by your doctor and then you (and your parents) come to the conclusion that diapers are much better than the hell I just mentioned.

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