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Thread: Where can I find Depend Maximum Protection in the US

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    Default Where can I find Depend Maximum Protection in the US

    Walgreens and CVS used to carry them but it appears they no longer do (same with walmart). I live in illinois if that helps.

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    I think they're more often found as Depends Protection with Tabs these days but unfortunately they've been dropped from a a lot of stores in favor of pull-up options. In the Seattle area, I only see them at Fred Meyers and Rite Aid, which I don't think are too much help for you in IL. I hope you'll be able to find some. People complain about them a lot but I think they have their place as a low capacity, fairly inexpensive diaper.

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    However, if you are ordering online, there are plenty of better options from XP Medical, etc.

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    i was gonna say walmart, you can get lucky checking local grocery stores

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    I have seen them at Bed Bath and Beyond as well as at Kmart.

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    Kmart has them. They even let you check online if available in the market. Be aware that they are kind of hard to find on their site as their search does nit really work? if you type "depends protection with tabs" it will appear next to the search window but if you hit enter it won't show up in the search results.

    good luck

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    I live in atlanta and the only place that consistently has them is is rite aid and occasionally wal mart, every store around used to carry them but now they are gone in favor of flimsy pullups . I dont understand why these stores have done away with all the tape on diapers because I dont know anyone who uses pullups and I have never seen anyone buying them but it used to be nice to be able to run in the corner store and buy a pack of depends when you were out and about and needed a diaper but didnt have s change with you

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    Quote Originally Posted by DLScottsman View Post
    I have seen them at Bed Bath and Beyond
    It's weird to think they would sell adult diapers but I forgot about this.

    I Just shipped my bed!

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