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Thread: I've never been treated little.

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    Default I've never been treated little.

    I figure it's time to tackle one of the biggest issues out there:

    Having a desire / need to not only wear diapers... but be treated little. But it's more than just pretending really. It's being treated little yes... but also... understood to a degree and accepted as little. It's so much to ask of someone. So how do you meet that need? How do you find someone to do that for you?

    It's sooo hard.

    Little's, AB's... we are the minority. Caregivers... these are hard to find. Often you see little's taking on both roles, switching back and forth. Which is not necessarily a bad thing because obviously a little know's and understands which is so very important to me.

    The short answer is obviously to put yourself out there and keep looking.


    I really wanted this post to be about me and my situation so let me get into that...

    I've never been treated little.

    It's easy inside my head or by myself. But slowly, very slowly my wife has started to come around and talk about treating me little. In a very touching moment we hugged and kissed and she said she would change my diaper. Of course, I don't want and would never force my desires on someone. It wouldn't be good to me in that type of scenario anyway. So it's taken about 2 years to even get to this point.

    Over time... yes, time, my wife has come to see the need. And she say's she is my wife and wants to make sure her husband get's what he needs.

    Of course, I am still afraid.

    ...I've never been treated little.

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    I think one of the big issues is finding someone we trust enough to share what is essentially our most vulnerable state. A lot of times (not always, but...) littles have been hurt either as adults or in their biological childhoods, making them overprotective of their little side so that even when presented with the opportunity to let it out, we feel afraid because we want to preserve that inner child.

    Or it could be in our innate desire to protect children in general, which is more likely.

    I think for me a lot of issues I have are because I'm pretty isolated in real life, and don't really get many opportunities to interact with people. But part of me is desperate for a caretaker because I don't want my little side to feel that isolation. But still I feel afraid of getting close to people and being hurt even worse, so it's almost like backing myself into a corner where there's no easy way out.

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    Either way after about 2 years of me trying to take it slow and cautious with my wife I have been through my hard times where the pressure builds up to bursting because of needs not being met. It's high time something gives. I have been more than open, honest, and I have explained to her that I won't be able to last forever without my needs met somehow.

    The good news is, like I have said she really has come to a better understanding over time and last night I explained one of the hardest things for me to say openly....

    That I want to have her take care of me / treat me little.... but she knew that.. What was really hard... was telling her...

    I'll be calling her mommy.

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    Hey, I was just reading your post about talking with your wife. and i realized 2 things.

    1st thank you for your videos, they have helped me immensely over the last year.

    2nd Patience with the spouse on this subject matter is so difficult, and the worst is that she may not realize it, but for me at least my wife fills a role in my life that is so much like a mother. I do every thing to make my wife happy, regardless of how it puts me out. In my little mind shes mommy, I seek her constant approval, and on and on.

    I think its hard for us in this way because we want/NEED to see the love returned in a way that's not inherently part of their raising and how to cope with people. I think that some head way is incredible and I have to say that your post gives me hope for the future, because it means that things can and will come around.

    we just have to be patient, but children have trouble with patience.
    you'll get there, have faith that if shes working with you its a positive thing. and it means that shes committing, just on her own time. and you may not ever get the full Monte. But she will, in her own way come to this eventually .

    I wish you the best of luck man!

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    Thanks sirscience! Just to add as well, I have been married to my wife for 6 years. She knew about the diapers when we got married but the need to be cared for was not an issue until the past few years. So, I have always been up front with my wife. I even explained how this need is so strong that I need to have it met occasionally. It's not an all the time thing. It's just a part of me, a little child that isn't getting what he needs.

    She already said she isn't comfortable with someone else doing it so she is really trying to be what I need.

    Although she IS okay with me having friends to play with. Just no nakedness diaper changing stuff. So I am looking for friends to be little with and play Nintendo / Ninja Turtles and all the stuff I like to do ( 4 or 5 years old. )

    Some things she has started doing without even knowing it. I've rested my head on her breast / shoulder etc. and she will touch / rub me gently on my head etc. Even though I don't say or do anything, or even have a diaper on.... I start to feel little.

    Because it's what my mom used to do for me.

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    Thanks for sharing baby mitchy!!
    My husband (papa) and I are going through something almost exactly as you and your mommy are. He knew before we got married. He is more accepting of the littleness than baby ness if that makes sense. Like he knew my personality had some child like qualities that he admired and knew I was a thumbsucker and liked animals, etc etc but he and I are still working out the whole actual ABDL part. Sure, if I go up to him and pass him a bottle and say give me this, he would do it, but as we know this is not the ideal situation. We love our ministry and marriage but having me share something so personal and kept hidden for so long... Well it's simply not easy. I'm thankful for his patience and love... Especially towards this small part of me ( no pun intended )
    Sometimes we talk of compromise. He knows I like disposables. I've worn to bed before and he hates the plastic. So a few months ago he told me he may like cloth better, especially where I rarely use them I said we could try. I ordered a dependeco. It's not a bambino but for cloth I loved it. About a week after I got it I wanted to wear it. He noticed I was in the other room alone and came in to help me out it out. At first I was a jerk and told him to get out but he slowly came over as if I was a started animal and got down on the floor and helped me put it on. Very special memory for me. Anyway he liked the cloth but end up not liking the Velcro next to his skin.
    I'm also a caretaker and he has no AB desires nor will try but just like how all spouses take care of each other I like to take care of him in other ways.
    Same as you too, he doesn't mind AB friends (even if my only ones are online) but doesn't want any diaper play, bathing, etc with any o them
    Good luck and prayers mitchy..... <hugs> So glad y'all are getting somewhere!
    Keep us posted!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyMitchy
    I even explained how this need is so strong that I need to have it met occasionally. It's not an all the time thing. It's just a part of me, a little child that isn't getting what he needs.
    This is an extremely hard feeling for me to describe even as a fellow AB/Little. It's hard to describe in the fact that I don't so much view/feel myself being taken care of as a "little child" but much more the fact as being helpless and being taken care of by someone who is in this position to do so. Describing this position is quite complicated. I don't think I would consider this a need for myself particularly, but something I really want.

    When I was first bottle-fed by my partner it was quite the interesting experience....very warm and I was protected and there wasn't much to worry about.. It's a very weird feeling if you've never done anything like it before, but like anything else you've never done before it quickly passes. For me it's hard to even get in that sort of space these days for that kind of play so I don't do it often. I seem to sort of satisfy it in other ways.

    Good for you though good sir in this development.

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    I know it is debatable calling this a need vs simply a desire but I've reached a point in my life in which I do need it.

    I also wanted to comment on the whole being scared to let someone take over... Part of growing up is taking control of your own life and doing what you want to do / taking care of yourself. It's only natural that part of this includes putting up a wall that blocks others from taking that role from us.

    I have to knock down that wall yet. Which is surprising but true. But the wall is there to protect me from those that would hurt me.

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    Hey, BabyMitchy--
    I'm totally on-board with your desire to free-up that "little child that isn't getting what he needs."
    I've never been treated like a little guy, even when I was a little guy. Well, I think you know what I mean......
    Take heart in knowing that, in my opinion, most of the folks here on this best-of-forums have, at one time, felt much like you do. For what it's worth, opinions are like diapers--everybody has one. Use with caution.
    You're very insightful and aware of what it's all about. I envy people like you who can explain a feeling in a single sentence that would take me a paragraph (or two) to explain.
    You'll knock that wall down--Yeah, it's scary as heck to relinquish control to another. And it's equally scary to acknowledge that you actually need this thing, as well as desiring it.
    You're certainly young enough to take this "thing" on. Good luck to you, my friend.

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    I'll always be here for you, Mitchy. You feel like my big brother. That doesn't bother you, does it? It's just that, when I was 1st researching AB, realizing it fit me, discovering what my type was called, etc., I looked at your videos, I even emailed you & it helped. That's good to hear about your wife. That's waaaay better than my hubby. We're supposed to be 1 flesh, & the fact that there's anything I can't talk to him about, really bothers me! He thinks I have a demon!

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