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Thread: Sitting with a wet diaper

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    Default Sitting with a wet diaper

    It seems whenever I sit down with a wet diaper even if it's not soaked it seems to leak. Does anyone have tricks or tips to save me from having more wet pants.

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    Are you flooding? Are you leaking even if you stay standing? Wetting multiple times up to the diaper's capacity?

    If you're just flooding, wait a minute before you sit so that the diaper has time to absorb. Make sure it's snug and you have a good seal at the leg guards and you should be fine. If you're wetting the diaper up to capacity and then getting wet patches when you sit, the solution is to change more often. You'll get better at judging how full your diaper is with experience.

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    What brand of diaper are you wearing? Also you probably need to be wearing plastic pants.

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    a quick tip to avoid saying the same things as the posters above :

    When you put on your diaper, be sure the leg barriers are correctly in place. Unruffle the sides using a finger and push lightly the side ruffles outward.

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    Is the diaper to large for you it shouldn't be lose fitting and as said above plastic pants a must

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    It's a Molicare super plus. It fits fine and even when not flooded seems to leak when I sit down. It doesn't leak when I use it standing up. I think I need to get some plastic pants

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    I find that if I wet a nappy more than twice then sit down I'm most at risk of getting a wet seat/clothes regardless of which brand I'm wearing.Also wetting whilst sitting is slightly more risky then standing.As said before make sure its fitted properly and the right size with no gaps around the leg cuffs.Also avoid cheap unheard of brands which are probably Chinese manufactured and only go for well known names.The more you wear the more you get used to them and you find you have less and less problems.I can wet then sit down after two wettings or wet whilst sitting with no leaks and I have never needed plastic pants, but that's down to the individual I guess.

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    They're almost all made in China, even if the brand is known. Quality is never 100% guaranteed, although at least the specifications of the premium diapers are designed to handle heavier use.

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    I had this problem. I remember someone on these boards a long time ago mentioning to have the top of your diaper padding near your belly button. Once I started diapering myself higher, my leaks went away. Good luck!

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