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Thread: Any tea drinkers?

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    Default Any tea drinkers?

    I have been wanting to expand my tea drinking horizons and while tea bags are alright for something quick, loose leaf has always tasted better.

    I am starting almost from scratch though! I don't need any super duper fancy stuff since it is just going to be for my own personal drinking but I am completely lost in what to get equipment wise and the most reliable place to get the tea itself.

    A small electric kettle and a infuser or teapot is mostly what I am looking at wanting for right now.

    From what I have been able to look up via browsing the /r/Tea Reddit and Amazon is my rambling below but there are just so many options!

    Between reviews and price I am leaning towards this T-fal 1-Liter Mini 1750-Watt Electric Kettle and something like this Glass Tea Pot, this interesting Adagio Teapot, or this In-Mug infuser and order from Adagio for tea itself.

    Anyone have suggestions for what to get other than the above or able to share your tea supplier if you order online?

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    What country you live in ? Either look for twinings tea or Yorkshire tea , Yorkshire do several types hard water blend , decaff (why?) gold
    Twining's do loads of teas
    P/s As soon as kettle boils put it on tea if the kettle has boiled and a couple of mins have passed reboil Tea is not like coffee Tea needs boiling water
    and milk if you like it
    Also get a Brita water filter jug or alike and Filter water first

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    I tend to frequent a store here called David's Tea which is all loose leaf teas in an abundance of flavors/types. If there is one near where you are (Not 100% sure how far their reach is) or if you can order online, they do small packets which let you get a taste for a tea rather then buying up a large amount and offer a wide selection of accessories from mugs to teapots.

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    I'm a fan of "dragon ball" style tea.

    As for equipment, personally I just leave the leaves (hehe) in a glass and add hot water. It looks like I'm drinking a glass o` seaweed, but it's quick and convenient.

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    I have that Adagio thing, it works really well. I have a mug infuser too, but it's more annoying because the leaves stick to the metal unless you clean it right away. Basically you just want something big enough that the leaves aren't all cramped together and things have space to diffuse. An electric kettle will work fine for heating, but if you're just doing one cup at a time, a microwave is good. If you use the same amount of water every time, you can figure out how long you need to get the perfect temperature, which makes it a lot easier than using a kettle.

    In some places, tap water's not too bad, but if they use chloramines for disinfection, it can make tea taste funny. Activated carbon/ion exchange filters, like Brita, seem to work okay, though reverse osmosis or the like are better.

    Tea DOES NOT necessarily need boiling water: green tea gets bitter if you use anything much over 80 C. Some very delicate green teas like gyokuro are best even lower, around 65 or 70. Most darker teas are good at 90-95 C.

    As far as the tea goes, I shop at TEALUX - Premium Loose Leaf Tea Shop | The Widest Selection of The Finest Loose Teas. - Tealux Store . They do ship to the US, but there are probably better alternatives closer to you. I mostly drink green teas. Some favourites of mine: gyokuro, longjing, taiping houkui.

    Who knew drinking tea was so complicated? O.o

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    I enjoy a cup of tea when I'm not feeling well. I like Lemon Zinger with lemon juice and sugar. I really like lemon.

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    Avoid Teavana. They are fairly expensive. I usually buy from local stores or online (from David's Tea, which is a Canadian site).

    Most important thing to realize early: temperature is important. Different kinds of tea need different water temperatures.

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    I only barely got into drinking tea myself, despite growing up in the south and southwest America my whole life where sun tea and the like is all the rage. Even then I only can drink really sugary stuff, so I'm pretty much hardly what one would consider a tea drinker.

    I also can't help but wonder how much this thread will be dominated by our UK residents.. hehe. Sorry, I had to.

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    There are a lot of varieties of tea. I quite like several types of Asian green tea especially. There are several types you can get where you simply place the leaves directly in the cup. As a couple people have pointed out, boiling water will burn the tea and ruin the flavor, so you want to use warm water, but not boiling in most cases. I've recently tried a very interesting green tea that actually has a smokey flavor, which is not something I ever expected to taste in tea. Unfortunately, a friend brought it from China and its entirely in Chinese, so I'm not much help in recommending it to others. There's a red star on the label, for what that's worth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArchieRoni View Post
    I've recently tried a very interesting green tea that actually has a smokey flavor, which is not something I ever expected to taste in tea.
    If it was a green tea with unusually long leaves, it might be taiping houkui. I've had a bag of it with that kind of smokey flavour, but others without. I think some gunpowder teas have that sort of smokiness, too.

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