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Thread: similar fetish?

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    Default similar fetish?

    Anyone here have a fetish semi-related to DLism? e.g. wetting your pants or pee play of some kind? Just curious.

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    I originally got into diapers etc. through pee play. When I look back on my childhood I think both were set to become interests of mine from a pretty early age. Just as I remember stealing drynites and wearing them, I remember trying to pee myself in nursery as well.

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    The wife is really starting to get in to the BDSM aspects which jive nicely with being AB with no control. I'm quite pee oriented. If she were to force me to wear a diaper that she wet would probably be one of the most erotic moments of my life. I also enjoy e-stim play used for behavioral modifications.

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    I loved wetting my pants as a child, since before my teenage years.I would drink lots of tap water then sit on the toilet in my briefs and wet them.I loved seeing the dark wet patch grow through the cotton and feel the pee go down my groin ind into the toilet.This has carried on through my teenage years until now.Sometimes I still like to stand in the shower and wet myself then just put the clothes in the wash.Now I mostly just wet my nappy although occasionally I still do it.I find wetting my nappy in bed enjoyable too.I love briefs and find them a big turn on and quite often relieve myself into them.Sometimes I will swap 'used' briefs with other males with the same did ask.

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    I never wet myself but the idea had crossed my mind. I started wearing diapers and wet in those and I felt this is even better because less clean up. But I do remember having the same urges m

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    Yep, besides diapers I'm also into pee/omorashi. Having accidents, peeing outdoors, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheOtherNinja View Post
    Anyone here have a fetish semi-related to DLism? e.g. wetting your pants or pee play of some kind? Just curious.
    Yep. I'm into Watersports and Bathroom control. Doesn't really relate to it but I'm also into Pet Play, so if I'm ordered to pee outside I will.

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    BDSM is something I'm exploring a bit with my boyfriend. I'm submissive and I like being controlled, and embarrassed; diapers fit into this pretty nicely.

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    Despite being uninterested in any actual sex act, I've always had a fascination and sort of odd enjoyment with humiliation which is often associated with AB/DLism. Although there is no humiliation aspect of it for myself, the two are completely unrelated to my personal experience.

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