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    Hello everyone, I new here to this but not to the AB/DL. I have had the urge to be a DL since I was a boy and didn't finally buy diapers until I was married for 3 years. I told my wife who is supportive but does not participate much. I wore diapers off and on for about 7 years and only in the last year or so I have explored outside that. I used to not have much interest in the AB side of this but I tried a binky and liked it and weady to explore more I think. I would love new friends to chat with and get to know. I am happily married of almost 12 years and just here for friends. I hope to chat with many of you soon. You can message me on my phone on kik if you like, jims78. Thanks everyone

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    Hello and welcome ABCurious. Always nice to meet others who are interested in this sort of stuff. What sort of other non ab/dl things are you interested in?

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    Chatting about whatever, spending time with my girls and wife and family. I like playing sports and playing computer games at times when time permits. How long have you been an AB?

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    I have been into diapers and acting like a baby since I was 13.

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    Hi ABCurious. Welcome to ADISC. If you're looking for friends you came to the right place. There are lots of us here that are married with kids and have an AB/DL side.

    It's awesome that your wife is supportive even if she doesn't participate much. Just that acceptance was a huge plus for me and helped me accept myself.

    How was buying diapers for the first time after so long thinking about them? There seem to be mixed reactions here from the best thing ever, to a let down after building it up so much for so long.

    Enjoy the forum, I'm sure that you'll make lots of friends here.

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