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Thread: Research on Early Childhood memories

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    Default Research on Early Childhood memories

    I thought folks might be interested in this recent NPR story on research that supports the reliability of early childhood (<4) memories. I know I have often wondered about the reliability of the memories I have of events I suspect are part of why I like diapers.

    The Forgotten Childhood: Why Early Memories Fade : Shots - Health News : NPR

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    very interesting article
    I can't remember very much over my baby or early toddler hood before about age 1 1/2 or 2
    I have seen picture in our old photo albums, but do remember those events

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    I clearly remember my bedroom when I was around 3 years old because by the time I was 4, my parents moved to another house from Montreal to Halifax where my bedroom looked very different. I was no longer wetting my bed, but before falling asleep at night in my bedroom in the Montreal house, I vividly remember wanting/dreaming of wearing my younger sister's flannel diaper with rubber pants. This feeling never went away to this day. Today, my childhood dream has been fulfilled as I actually wear flannel diaper with plastic pants to bed and been doing and enjoying it for many years. I do believe this childhood feeling will never go away. It does make me feeling good and relax. Not having to get up at night is also a huge benefit that provides a much better quality night sleep.

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    Yeah, I was listening to NPR yesterday -- maybe the day before? -- and heard this.

    I've thought about this a lot over the years. My wife has a pretty extreme case of "childhood amnesia," I think. She has virtually no memories from before about age six, which seems crazy to me. I have a few memories from age three, a few more from age four, and many from ages five and six.

    One of my earliest memories is -- surprise, surprise -- a memory of being diapered. When I first joined ADISC, I found it a little hard to believe that so many of us here have memories of being diapered as toddlers, but it makes perfect sense to me now: We remember because we revisit those particular memories constantly. They are always being reinforced. I've been indulging my diaper interest since age six, and reliving that toddlerhood memory of being diapered has always been a part of the experience.

    I believe the NPR story talked about memories that survive childhood as being memories of very emotional, significant events. Does that fit with diaper memories? Maybe. It would be really interesting to zero in on people with fetishes and other kinks and ask them to divulge their earliest childhood memories. I bet we'd see connections.

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    My earliest memory was my aunt putting baby powder on my chafed legs and putting some kind of pull up on me. I was around 3ish so there actually may be a connection but I don't see what would make me want to wear them now like I do.

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    What a load of bull I can remember having nappies put on wearing them and filling them
    so my memories got back to at least when I was 18 months

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    I have learned about this a lot in my psychology course. Apparently this is most mainly due to a baby's lack of being able to view themselves as an individual person, separate from others. I.E. they don't yet have an ego! So they don't really have a great perspective to be able to narrate from. It's hard to form longterm memories when one doesn't have a concept of "I" exactly. It's also hard without language, which helps us narrate the events in context.

    Apparently in this news story, though, they have shown that many times people do break through this barrier, especially with highly emotional memories. If I remember correctly, that's because a certain chemical thing released with emotions also heightens the ability to store memories. This is because, back in the day, you'd want to remember quite well how to survive a scary tiger attack, should it happen again. (And it WILL have!)

    As for early diaper memories, I have two main theories. Something emotional happened to some of us involving diapers (or we were still in diapers at the time.) Or, conversely, we already were rather interested in them and that alone created some kind of emotion, like elation or a very strong sensation of comfort / safety. The frustrating thing is that it's kind of hard to tell. When I look back on my first memory involving a diaper (at the age of three) I am completely unsure whether I liked them before the event happened or because the event happened.

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    i remember my birthday party when I was two years old. My birthday cake with candles on it and a bowl of lemonade (or something similar) were sitting on a card table with folding legs. One of the guests at the party was a little kid who was still crawling. He crawled over to the table and bumped one of the legs, which caused my cake and the bowl of lemonade to fall on the floor. My cake was ruined. I was not happy.

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    I have vague memories of being changed, but most of the diaper memories I've had are from bedwetting and pull ups at ages 4 thru 6

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    The problem with memory is that it's not very reliable. I had a quite distinct memory of doing something when I was a child that was quite embarassing to me. One day, I was feeling brave enough to ask my dad about it and he looked at me like I was from Mars. It never happened. This was something I had dreamed or daydreamed that took on the substance of a real memory, particularly with dwelling on it. Personally, I judge uncorroborated memories from when I was very young with a grain of salt. That was the most unusual one I had; the others are pretty easy to believe, but I accept that they might also be total or partial fabrications.

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