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Thread: Most absorbent diaper you can find online for a low price?

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    Default Most absorbent diaper you can find online for a low price?

    I'm looking for a diaper that has decent absorbency, but isn't too costly on the wallet. I have low income right now, and the only way I am going to buy diapers is if I can find something that isn't overly-expensive and won't take a hit on my dwindling bank. but can take quite a few wettings. Any ideas? My budget is $20 and below. Also note that I am talking about adult-sized diapers. Adult diapers with baby print are perfectly fine with me.

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    Molicare Supers run ~$20 and are very good IMO. Plastic backed, and can hold a lot. Not a daytime out and about diaper if you want to hide it, but the perfect indoor/overnight diaper.

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    I've been wanting to try Molicare supers for almost a decade! Do you have a safe site that I can go to to buy them?

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    Amazon...? They sell a lot diapers there. And I find Molicares a okay to wear in public as they aren't really thick.

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    Tena pull-on underwear. Great for daytime and/or nighttime use. $14.99/pk of 16 at Walgreen's. (Sometimes on sale for $9.99/pk) You probably can find them on line also.

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    i have no experience with them but, i've read tranquility are pretty decent, some drugstores carry them, but online packs run for around $10-15 IIRC. In general what i read about tranquility is that they are pretty comfortable, and they come in plastic backed, they arent super thick, they wont really touch the absorbancy of abena or bambino, but they are about twice as good as depends maximum. they fall easily and reliably into the mid-range quality of diapers.

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