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Thread: I need a big-hearted ADISC artist.

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    Question I need a big-hearted ADISC artist.

    I was talking to Moo, & we agree, my avatar was so lifelike, it was creepy. Not to mention, the doll was younger than I feel. I have Cerebral Palsy, which effects my motor skills, so I can't draw for beans, no stock image, looks like me or "fits me" & I have no software to modify any image. I really do need, & would very much appreciate the help, if someone were kind enough to draw it for me, though sadly, I can't pay you for the work .

    My ideal avatar is a cartoon, but anime isn't really my thing. She's cute & sophisticated, between 1 1/2 & 3, has light brown hair, with a hint of red, that frames her face, shorter than shoulder length & hazel eyes, a cute shirt, a cute, modest skirt with a diapey peaking out from underneath, & cute sneakers. Please draw her sitting, as I can't stand without holding onto something. She should have a paci or bottle. I'd like her to be 150X150 pixels or 39.1 KB (whatever is smaller). My favorite colors are pink, purple, & yellow, at the moment.
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