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Thread: Hello, again... again....

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    Default Hello, again... again....

    For a while there I was active on this forum, then life got, interesting, then I tried to come back, and life once again got weird. So now, here I am, several years down the line and deciding to get back into the swing of things. Life seems to have stabilized so I hope to be back for a while.

    En espérant que ça dure,


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    hey there Zedd lol it would be so cool if you were actually Zedd, he's such a cool artist XD and yeah things get weird sometimes when you add all this to the equation, but it can be fun too tell us more about yourself for those of us who dont know you yet

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    Yeah, not the Artist, and the name isn't related(my cat was named Z). I'm an ex-ski bum from San Diego, living the good life in the frozen wastes of Wyoming(shut up, I like winter). I'm a furry, a bushwacker, I'm in a long term relationship with scotch, I like computer games but I'm not really a gamer, I like to shoot and eat bunnies(they's tasty), I'm introverted to a degree that comes close to borderline personality disorder, I speak a little bit of disjointed, grammatically weird French(as Near can attest), aaaaand... that's really about it. Ah oui, et j'aime les couches, mais ce n'est pas une surprise ici.


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    wooo! i like winter too XD what do rabbits taste like? out here in the bay area (im in socal) it would get everyone in a frenzy of someone decided to hunt, its weird here o.o
    what guns do you use?
    idk much french, that was something about a couch surprise or something i would guess lol

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    I use either a .22 rifle or a bow, and despite what people may say, bunnies don't really taste like chicken, but they are a very lean white meat. I haven't been to the bay area since I was a kid, I've got some family in Oakland, but they're more than a bit estranged(they're very religious, and the rest of us are pagans and hippies). I do spend a decent amount of time in Corona and Reedly though, and at least in those parts of Cali people don't mind if you want to blow Bambi's head off. As for the French bit, I'm not telling, tis a secret.

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