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Thread: Lille Healthcare Classic Fit all in one.

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    Default Lille Healthcare Classic Fit all in one.

    Hi everybody

    Has anybody here tried Lille Healthcare classic fit all in ones?.They are going quite cheap from incontinence choice UK and I was wondering if they're any good.Are they plastic backed and do they have that traditional baby nappy look etc?.

    Also can anybody recommend a good nappy to buy on a budget?.A UK brand that has a good quantity per pack and reasonably good.

    Thanks, Lozza.

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    I think they are still plastic backed. When I first got into the adult disposables in early 2012, you could still get the (better) Supreme Fit in plastic backed, a friend gave me one which was great but I haven't tried the classic fit although anything plastic is still quite good now!

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    I have only tried the Supreme Fit which is the cloth backed version so I can't be of that much help. However I do remember looking into them at one point and being deterred by quite a few negative reviews. My advice would be to get some tena slip from They offer a great service and unbeatable prices.

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    I was once sent a pack by mistake instead of my regular order of the cloth backed version, they fit poorly, ended up leaking, meaning me waking up in a puddle. Wouldn't use them again. Also agree with the tena slip if you want a quality cost effective plastic backed nappy.

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    Would recommend the front printed design nappy from They are plastic backed and have double tapes also able to take multiple wettings

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