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    Red face Hello

    Hi all, I'm a new member. That's painfully obvious isn't it? I'm just mainly following the template for this, so here we go, I guess.

    I'm not really anybody, just a student that makes some extra cash through music and such. I try to be outgoing and friendly, but the nerdy, social degenerate, afraid-of-everything-that-moves side comes out a lot, so I apologize to anyone I offend with that at any point.

    Diapers have been something I've held solace in for a long time, and they were how I coped with some terrible things that happened to me as a child. What those things were, I'd rather not share at the moment, but if you get to know me it may come up in a conversation one day. I like to be viewed as cute, so they also help with that quite a bit.

    As far as interests go, I'm your general Tumblr addict. I read a lot, spend way to much time on the Internet, listen to a ton of music, and occasionally get together with a few close friends for video games or a session of our D&D campaign. I also like to write, but it isn't that good.

    I'm here to break out of my comfort zone I've hidden inside of for so long, but I'm open to making a few friends along the way. I've shut people out for so long that it's starting to become unhealthy, so if I'm gonna socialize, why not have a conversation starter such as a mutual personality tick?

    That's really all I got. Message me or something if I seem interesting. Thanks for listening, byee.

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