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Thread: how many would if put in a nursing home and ask if you want to wear diapers

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    Default how many would if put in a nursing home and ask if you want to wear diapers

    How many would gladly wear diapers in a nursing home just so you could get a nurse to change you all the time.

    Nursing Home Alert - Big-Time Alert Of Diapers And Nursing Homes

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    Having seen firsthand how awful most nursing homes are. I can quite honestly say I'd rather take a bullet to the head than be stuck in one of those hell-holes.

    I wouldn't wish a stay in one of those places on my worst enemy.

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    Let me just reiterate how awful nursing homes are. I worked as a cook/homemaker at a small town nursing home for a year. I've seen some things.

    I wouldn't want to be in there just to wear sub-par diapers that get changed maybe twice a day. Couple that with sub par food, an extensively depressing environment, and family that is essentially waiting for you to die, nursing homes are close to hell on earth. In short, no thanks.

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    I don't want to be in a nursing home, but if i was, i would actually ask for diapers, whether needed or not. same thing if i had to be stay in a hospital, i would ask for diapers whether i needed them or not.

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    That is a strange story. I remember when I was at the hospital at age 6 getting my tonsils taken out. I had to stay over night and of course I was embarrass because I wet the bed. The nurse told me that I can't be in wet beds. She ask me to wear diapers. So I did for a week. But now I don't want to stay at a nursing home. I rather be at my own home. But for some reason that is a strange story.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan09 View Post
    Having seen firsthand how awful most nursing homes are. I can quite honestly say I'd rather take a bullet to the head than be stuck in one of those hell-holes.
    This. Even if it were first rate, I can't tolerate that much personal contact and social interaction. Daily diapers wouldn't begin to compensate.

    Edit: having quickly read the article, I'm skeptical about its authenticity. The poor grammar and limited vocabulary reminds me of some badly written diaper stories.

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    That's the last place I want to go to finish out my years. Plus I would have to give up my good diapers to use their junky ones.
    No thanks I'll live on my own as long as I can.

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    Nope not for me please, before im completely broken i'd rather "a last car trip to the vet".
    Also the last few paragraphs seem to make the rest of the article much less credible imho..

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    I would question the validity of this article. While there are bad nursing homes out there, it has been proven that the more mobile you are, the better outcome or healthier you become. While one could say it's more convenient to have a diaper on someone than change the bed, in honesty it is just as timely to help someone to the bathroom as it is to change them. Also, you need to remember that you like diapers. Not everyone does and it can actually be a very humbling, scary, or depressing thing to other individuals. So as a nurse, if someone can go to the bathroom, they should be aided to the bathroom and not coerced into wearing a diaper.

    I also caution you about wearing diapers for the sole pleasure of having someone else change you. While that is perfectly fine to do with a willing party, it can cause a lot of emotional damage to an unwilling party. I speak this from experience. When I was a very young nursing student I had a patient who was aroused by messing his diaper and having me change it. It bothered me immensely. When my husband admitted that he was a DL after 5 years of marriage that situation was one of the only things that I could think about. It's a lot different to do something like change a person you care about to provide sexual gratification and to be forced to provide it while doing your job with someone you are supposed to be providing medical care for. I had changed many diapers before that individual but nothing made me feel "dirtier" than being in that situation.

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