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Thread: Kidgets diapers are a hit!

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    Default Kidgets diapers are a hit!

    I posted a forum asking about midgets not knowing if they were good, since no one seems to know. They are perfect! I bought some and they are bigger than the pampers S7 by almost an inch. (Kid gets size 6) no leaks, I have yet to wear them over night. Also I got the pull-ups, 4t5t fit just as well. Of you have to really squeeze to get into luvs 6 or pampers 6/7 then I wouldn't try them only because the tamp are slightly less strentcy But if the tapes on those diapers don't break for you then you should be fine. So happy! 19 pull ups and 23 diapers for 14 dollars! And a pack of 40 diapers are 14.99!

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    They sell them at the dollar store/ family dollar but I have no idea how to post a picture

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    Quote Originally Posted by wetatnight View Post
    where do they sell them?
    do you have pictures?
    I found this pic using Google.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    That is the package exactly. I would post a comparison picture because it is a kinda diffrence in my eyes

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    I have a lot of messages regarding these but I just joined where so I can't send messages. But will answer some questions here. Basically these diapers are if you really can't afford the other baby diapers which luvs here are 7 dollars and kidgets here are 6.50 but kidgets come with more (only 2) these are budgets diapers so you have to learn how to put them on with the tabs (but that's any diaper I broke the tabs by pulling to hard on pampers the first time) it passed the overnight test (I have no control at night so if that info helps there you go) the tabs stayed on overnight and no leaks. And I'm talking about the size 6 diaper I have not used a pull ups yet. Another question is about the scent. Unfortunately, these are unscented unlike pampers. But they don't smell weird like goodnites/under jams (I think they smell weird) but it's nothing that can't be fixed by baby powder. Try Johnson's & Johnson's nighttime baby powder if you don't like the smell of normal powder.

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    Cool, I'll put on my list to try.
    I was looking at this website Discount Diapers & Wipes at Family Dollar
    You know anything about the overnight ones?

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    I didn't know they made overnight kidgets diapers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Littlemonkey View Post
    I posted a forum asking about midgets
    I have never worn one of those xD

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