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    Hey peeps

    Yeah, so the name is 3012vex, which consists of my favourite number - I was doodling one day, and this number just appeared on my page, when i was bored, and i loved the way it looked with the cool calligraphy, and then vex has always been one of my favourite words, 'cuz it means nothing, but sounds awesome I'm in matric at the moment, hating it but, meh, i live.

    I'm a TBDL, been one for as long as I can remember, I just remember watching this kid pee in a diaper when I was, like, six, and wishing that was me, because I had done that earlier that day... and I was wishing that I could go back to diapers, but, unfortunately that didn't happen. I would like to experience being a TB, but that might be a little challenging I've only actually worn once, and then my dad caught me, and took all my stuff away (unfortunately still at home) and it was amazing, so

    I am quite a music geek, listening to music from various artists, but my favourites specifically are Adam Lambert and Kate Bush (the weirdest oldie artist I know, but it works.. ) I am a singer in my own right and a writer, specifically enjoying fantasy writing. I enjoy drawing - specifically weird stuff, and a bit of anime. Not really that into gaming - the only game I am good at is candy Crush, so.....

    I came to Adisc because I was looking for people who understood and experienced what diapers are like, and who shared similar interests. I also started reading "Brainwashed," a story on this site, which i fell straight in love with. I also came to discover more of myself through this, so yeah, that's me.


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    Hello 3012vex and welcome to the group.

    This is a very nice and informative introduction.

    Again welcome to the group and I will see you in the forums.


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