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Thread: Who here wears footie pajamas?

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    Default Who here wears footie pajamas?

    Hey folks!

    Not even 2 days ago, I ordered online my very first pair of footed pjs since childhood. They are an awesome tie dye color, and I absolutely cannot wait to wear them over my new diapers. That being said, I was just curious. How many of us on here actually wear footed pajamas, and for what reasons? Is it an age regression thing, or do you wear them mainly for comfort? Do you just wear them with diapers, or do you wear them whenever you can? Is there anything I should know before wearing them? Describe yours please. (looks, color, etc.)

    Thanks to any and all who respond!

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    I wear them!!! Footed sleepers are one of my favorite pieces of clothing (second is my onesies). I have three, all from target. Two of them are blue and the other is black. The blue ones have snowflakes and polar bears on them and the black one has colourful skulls on it. The only thing that sucks is that they make me really hot and I live in California and its hot year round where I live so I don't get much opportunity to wear mine. I always wear them while diapered. Sometimes its a part o age regression, other times its just for comport and relaxation. Theres nothing quite like being thickly padded and wearing a comfortable footed sleeper. Curious, where did you order your footed sleeper from? And which one did you order?

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    That is so cool, the blue one with polar bears sounds adorable! I ordered mine from WebUndies, it was a tie dyed footed sleeper with smiley faces, which describes my personality! It was under the women's section, but most footed pjs are unisex, so I figured it didn't really matter. The ones on Jumpin Jammers are pretty sweet, but out of my price range. The company is in NJ and I'm in PA, so that was another advantage for me. 2 day priority mail, but my diapers are already here.

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    Can I select "Yes" even though I don't have one but I'd love to ?

    I will definitely buy one if possible . I wanted these Adult Wolf Costume Footie Pajamas Grey Cotton Flannel Ready to Wear, but the price is too much and my size is not available, but anything would be great.

    Indeed, wearing those pajamas with a diaper must be something awesome !
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    Me :-)

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    Yes. I feel very little in my fluffy footed pj's with drop seat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Littledaimon View Post
    Can I select "Yes" even though I don't have one ?
    Yeah! Sorry, I was thinking of putting in "Yes/I Would" and "No/I Wouldn't" but I never went through with it. Please do!

    For those of you who haven't voted yet, consider the above to be what I'm asking you. If you hit "Yes" then you are affirming that you either have worn footie pajamas, (as an AB/DL/Little) and/or are currently wearing them or own them. Also hit it if you don't own them yet, but would like to. Consider it opposite for "No."

    Littledaimon, I love your avatar, by the way.

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    I have five from Pajama City and one from Aww So Cute. Two have rubber ducks on them in pink and blue. One with teddy bears
    in blue. Plus two pink ones. One soft pink and one hot pink. Four have trap doors. My Aww so Cute one is pink elephants.
    I'm in my soft pink one now with a Dependeco AIO ready for bed. I wear mine just about year round.

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    i have a pair from babypantz that i cant stop wearing. it has cute litle duckies on and stuff hehehehe

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