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Thread: Baby diaper help?

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    Default Baby diaper help?

    So far pampers cruisers size 6 fit, luvs size 6, 4-5t huggies pull ups for, Spider-Man goonites, and under james l/XML fit. What other baby diaprs should I try? Are their more diapers like this size I can go for? I'm very curious on easy ups 4-5t and other diapers like that! Also, are target brand up and up diapers any good?! Thanks for help! All recommendations welcome?

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    If you like and fit In Cruisers s6 I would recommend you try Pampers Baby Dry size 6. They're great and Bigger than the Cruisers size 6. I love them! You really got to try them out.

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    Are the tabs any better?

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    Yes, way better. They stretch more and are stronger. I had never had a baby dry rip even when I had one on for a long while even when they're are full.

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    I also have heard good things about Pampers Extra Protection s6. I havent been able to find them myself though.

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    Do you know any other diapers ? I'll definitely try baby dry soon.

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    Huggies overnites are really great too but the tabs are not stretchy at all. Huggies little movers are good too. Haven't try them recently though so I don't know if they have been downgraded. I'm mainly a Pampers baby, soo...

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    I am too. Pampers S7 we're my first and then I realized the S6 were the same size at the S6 by accidentally grabbing the wrong package.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Littlemonkey View Post
    I am too. Pampers S7 we're my first and then I realized the S6 were the same size at the S6 by accidentally grabbing the wrong package.
    To be clear, size 7 in Cruisers is the same as size 6 in Baby Dry, Extra Protection, and Luvs. Size 6 in Cruisers really is smaller -- quite a bit shorter.

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    when Pampers introduced the size 7 cruisers, they actually renumbered their diapers
    eg. the size 7's were actually 6's, 5's were 4's and so on
    they didn't actually make their diapers bigger for the size 7's
    talk about false advertising.

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