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    Question Wish list

    My dream diapey is thin, has full mat protection, is anti-fungal & alti-bacterial, has cuff guards, is very squishy when wet, US made, ecofriendly, has pink, purple, red violet, & blue-violet, UTTERLY SILENT super soft clothlike cover with girly & cool, not too babyish 3D-looking fade-when-wet hearts, holds around 38 oz, great wicking, curved leg elastics, wide stretchy sides with a full-width Velcro-type fastener hidden under the side panel material so it doesn't scratch, make noise, or feel weird

    A ComoTomo bottle, but 32 oz, with a bigger nipple
    Buy Comotomo

    A Nuk 6 hopefully purple shield, yellow button, & pink writing, that says, "If I want your opinion, I'll ask," with a custom clip

    A sports car bed like this, but full size, & with a bit of yellow & purple, too, that is fully adjustable at the head & foot

    A DreamCatcher weighted blanket, to calm my autistic features

    A winkin' blinkin' & nod themed night gown, with matching footed pants

    A rainmaker Hohner Kids / 16" Rainmaker: Toys & Games

    A fluid motion toy
    Color Mix 2 Drop Liquid Motion Timer Toy | Liquid Motion Toys

    Soft building blocks & alef bet blocks
    Foam Block Set by Small World Toys | Barnes & Noble Aleph Bet Stacking Blocks: Toys & Games

    A gear construction set

    A ball pit, an adjustable hight, 2 basin sand/water table I can easily reach from my wheelchair, & a red, yellow, & blue swing/slide/play structure like most kids have in the back yard, with a really high, twisty, tube slide, a spinning swing that locks so it won't slide when transferring in, that has a high-backed seat & a 5point harness, & a surehands lift so I can use the whole structure

    I'm gonna singlehandedly keep Crayola in business, & I shall even use my iPad as a kaleidoscope/bedtime soother!

    What does everyone else want?
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    For me, it would have to be a decent pack of AB Cushies, a pair of plastic pants, locking mittens, a bottle with a Nuk 5 teat and an adult sized crib.

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    I would love to have my own crib,onsies ,plenty of bambino diapers and lots of toys and stuffed animals and lastly my own little bedroom to keep it all in so I wouldn't have to put it all away I could just lock the door

    I love that liquid motion toy you have on your list SpAzpiesweetot I remember playing with them when I was little. Now I really want one!

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    For me, pretty much what Wiatt said, except I want a themed twin sized toddler bed of some sort and lots of footie pajamas.

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    Well assuming this "wish list" includes things that don't exist in adult form, I'd love to have a bed like this: Coaster Bunk Bed with Slide and Tent, Multicolor: Home & Kitchen. I think it would be really fun.

    Diaper-wise my dream would be for someone to make an AB version of Huggies pull-ups, especially the kind that fade when wet. Also perhaps some more Bambino diapers for when I feel a bit younger than normal, and would like to try Aww So Cute's diapers but too expensive (and also they seem to be out of larges right now).

    Of things that do exist, probably one of my top wants right now would be a pair of overalls or shortalls, maybe another footed sleeper (although it's getting a bit warm for that right now), more cartoon two-piece pajamas or something lighter for summer. Would like to get these: Adult baby blue sheep pattern pyjamas abdl clothing soft cotton - but too expensive for me right now. Also more kiddie shirts, but I've got a lot of shirts already so don't really need anymore.

    Also want a Nuk 5. Will probably make that my next AB-related purchase, been eying some cute designs on pacifiersrus for a while.

    Aside from those, definitely want more toys and stuffed animals but lack the space for them right now. Like many my "big dream" would be to have a two-bedroom house or apartment and convert one of the bedrooms to a kiddie room/playroom while saving the other for my grown-up side. Hopefully someday I can make that happen.

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    An adult-sized Lightning McQueen bed. Comme ša:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Acknowledging that it'll probably never happen, I'm content with a Cars/Pooh/Mickey bedding set.

    Anyways - more plushies/teddy bears, Nuk 5 bottle, changing table, play mat, and a giant box of Lego. Anything clothing-wise I plan on making myself, but I'd really love some space themed fleece for my next footed sleeper project.
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    Oh man... from where I'm sitting right now, I'd have to say first off, more diapers. Because of financial reasons, I only have 5 on hand right now, with a very limited ability to stock up. I'm still trying to figure this one out.

    2. More footed pajamas. Got my first pair today, now I see what I've been missing. :P

    3. A new bedset. Preferably Spongebob. My TMNT bedset is ripped and full of holes.

    Other than that, not a whole lot from an AB/DL standpoint. My tastes are sorta limited.

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    1. be more sane (destroyed back, a few asthmatic and I've artrosis of both knees...)
    2. suportive GF (for this reason I'm free and sometimes I search for some "temporal" sexual mate)
    3. REAL home
    4. New car (my VW T4 is about 18 years old now)
    5. NUK5 and infinity stash of diapers...

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    Abena M4s.........☑
    NUK 5.............☑
    Blanket Sleeper...☑


    I'm pretty happy right now. Only missing time and privacy, <sarcasm>which are totally not important</sarcasm>.

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    Cuddlz has lots of cool stuff on their site. I am thinking about splurging on their Waddle Onsie.

    I am getting a proper bottle for my birthday from Baby Pants. So excited for that.

    I would also like a nice warm set of footie pajamas for the winter months.

    I think the onesies on Aww So Cute are really great. I would love one.

    Those, and an unlimited supply of Bambinos

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