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Thread: Kidgets diapers?

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    Default Kidgets diapers?

    Does anyone know if the brand for family dollar is any good? They are called kidgets. Information on 4t-5t or size 6 please
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    I suggested them to someone a year ago. Never heard anything back about them but the reviews online I saw were positive. Why not try some and let us all know?

    On the meantime, it looks like you just joined. Welcome! Will you please take a minute and start a thread HERE and tell us more about yourself? We love getting to know each other's likes (and dislikes, too!)

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    I tried some today. I like the fit and feel of pampers baby dry size six but not the smell. They are fragranced I think. anyway, the kidgets size six are not as soft and don't fit me as well (i'm a tiny girl but I have a bubble butt). the tapes are not as stretchy either. they still fit though they aren't as comfy. for only six bucks though I'd say try them!

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    The tapes are not as stretchy your right it's because they aren't made of of that weird plastic material. For 6.50 I'll start buying them if the other brands are unavailable

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