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Thread: Do Abdl web site models get into wearing diapers

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    Default Do Abdl web site models get into wearing diapers

    Do you think abdl web site models eventually get into the abdl scene and enjoy wearing diapers?

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    some of them might?
    but I think that most of them do the abdl modeling for money and to have experience to put on a resume'

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    I hope perhaps those woman get to understand why we like them so much, by their comfort and sensations.

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    Most of the one's I ever seen are just your standard photo shoot/porn girls.

    However I know there is/was a young woman based out of southern california who's really into AB and possibly bondage too. so it seems like she set something up to have real AB/DL girls who girls who were at least intrested having photo's taken. To me most of theirs are just ridiculously cute even though still staged. But in most they actually seem happy or at least content in it.

    I don't know what the prodction company is called since I never look this sort of stuff up myself. I've just seen "Diaper time" topics on 4chan's /b/ board. Hilarity normally ensues in those.

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    While anything can happen, I wouldn't suggest you hold your breath on this one. I expect it's just another job.

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    Consider it work - probably not the most pleasant line of work to be in.

    Sure it probably feels better to them than having two dildos rammed up by a fucking machine at 180bpm simultaneously.
    or some other weird shit.

    But I guess with diapers it's either you like it or you don't.

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    About those websites, I think the photos are too professional. I don't care typically of the modeling that they do. I'd take amateur photos any day over professional photos. Most of the models just look as if they take it as a joke.

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    Quite a few of the sites out there feature actual AB/DL women as their models... I've met quite a few of the models IRL at munches or play parties.

    Most of the models used by ABDreams are actual ABDLs.

    Quite a few of the Diaperedonline ladies are ABDLs as well.

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    "Get this damned/dirty/stupid/messy/crazy/nutty/disgusting/ridiculous thing off me! Right Now!"

    "Guys think this is sexy? REALLY?"

    "I'll never do this again for you or anyone else!"

    "If you post this anywhere, I'll sue your socks off if you include my name!"

    The answer is: What cute, sexy, lovely, adorable, gorgeous, young and desirable girls say just after they've worn a diaper, wet it and asked to look foxy, and get photographed and/or filmed whilst wearing it.

    Sorry, guys, but I just don't really think they're out there. And yeah, it makes me kinda sad, too.

    There may be a few, but.....

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    I know Faye and Charlotte are both legitimate DLs at DiaperGal. Apple at AB Dreams is ABDL and only works with true ABDLs. Adriana at diapered online is a DL who wears 24/7 most of the time. Odetta Delacriox is a true DL. There's AllyCakes and MissPanda on twitter who are true ABs, both have modeled for sites before. I know from a conversation I had on twitter (I have a vanilla twitter account) that Chloe Toy genuinely likes the diapers, but wouldn't consider herself DL.

    They are out there, they're just sparse.

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