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    so to me a saturday night is watching anime and texting my girl while diapered and its pretty great and personally i love the ecchi genre of anime and personally i love highschool dxd as u can see by my avatar but if u could have any anime character be ur mommy, daddy, care giver etc who would it be? personally i love rias gremory and she could be my mommy any day of the week.

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    hmm good question..... hmm i have to fink about this one. well i would say goku from dbz. coz hes so careing and puts others before himself. plus i like him. i guess i could think of others for bothe the mommy and daddy catergory but im kinda a daddys boy lolz. and a serial leg hider beyond. meaning im quiete shy when im not really stubborn.

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    If these count as anime characters, then Aang and Kitara from avatar, but grown up like around 20 give or take.
    They are both really caring, kitara is extremely nurturing and aang is just wild and rambunctious and fun, but still nurturing and both are serious when needed. also, I would be able to hide behind their legs lots too (i'm with ya tennis). oh, and then there is the fact that they are master benders and would be able to keep me safe and all that.

    that said, though, i'm not much of a mommy, daddy person. i'm just fine with my big bro and my bestest buds.

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    For me, I think Delia Ketchum (a.k.a Ash Ketchum's mum) from Pokémon would be my ideal caregiver. While this isn't a surprise at all, given my Pokémon avatar, I just think that she is one of the sweetest anime mums I have seen.

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