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    I know that some people are really scared to wear out in public. When I was in my teens and early 20s I certainly was. I'll just let you know that it gets easier. I just taped on an ABU Cushies with an Attends Superpad 7 in it(perferated plastic backing on Attends of course). Threw on some jeans, a whole lot of IDGAF, and went shopping at Walmart. I'm 99.999% sure that no one noticed and if they did, oh well. I even wet while examining the hot dog selection as well as while pumping gas.

    So...Rock them diapies!

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    Very DOES get easier. I love wearing out in public and don't hesitate to venture out wearing only sweat pants over, though I'm very careful to make sure nothing is ever seen. I was actually spotted for the first time the other day. I had on a Depends Max and low cut jeans on. I was putting something in my trunk and the back of my shirt rode way up, as I stood up and turned I saw a lady looking at me and realized I was exposed. I just covered up and went on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EPO1 View Post
    Either its a dare, he lost a bet, or he's just plain wrong in the head.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EPO1 View Post
    Lol. People really are that crazy at Walmart. I've seen so many creatures there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lozza1979 View Post
    Either its a dare, he lost a bet, or he's just plain wrong in the head.

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    I wear nappies outdoors wherever I go and I love it.Its a nice feeling walking around with the feeling of padding between the legs and nobody else knowing.If somebody notices, then so be it.Obviously I keep it discreet.I wear jeans or trakkies over them with a t-shirt hanging over, and if I feel I may end up wetting before I get home I may wear briefs over them.That way if my nappy is exposed for whatever reason, say for example my zipper is undone, somebody doesn't get an eyeful of my wet nappy.That would be bad for us both I dare say.I find trakkies tend to make the bulge more visible then jeans, particularly when sitting and/or wet although I'll wear either to be honest.I never really felt scared or awkward about wearing outdoors, just enjoyed it.

    As I have said, I keep it discreet.I wont purposely have any part of my nappy on display.Depending on what I'm doing I'll tuck my t-shirt in over my nappy and wear another top over that provided its not too warm.Wearing out doors is okay as long as you keep it private.
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    That's what I'm talking about! FTW! The truth is though that no one notices.

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