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Thread: Looking at purchasing a couple of things

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    Default Looking at purchasing a couple of things

    Hey there

    As the title says im looking at buying

    Multiple colors Single Double Triple Canvas Wardrobe W Hanging Rail storage | eBay

    Purely for storage to keep all my nappies , pants sleepers changing stuff ect , the triple size one would be the best i think , at the moment mine are kept at the top of a cupboard out of reach and i can throw something over them if someone was to come over , because i am paranoid someone will go snooping , even thou its my house

    Aswell im looking at getting

    Baby Shortall for Adults

    It looks cute , anyone had any experience

    Footed Jammies for Adults

    I still long for a onesie that has poppers from the leg to neck but i am really struggling to obtain one , anyone know where i can get one ?

    Also 1 or 2 onesies from cosy n dry or cuddlz

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    AweSoCute has the Footed Jammees with Snaps (or British poppers) from just above the ankle on both legs to the neck and they are very comfortable.
    I have a baby pants short-all and it is very nice (I need to add an appropriate applique to the front so it looks even more babyish).
    I wish they would make it in non-jean fabrics and that someone would make full overalls in baby or toddler styles and materials.

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