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Thread: Baby powder scented wipes becoming rare?

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    Default Baby powder scented wipes becoming rare?

    A thread was done about this about 6-7 months ago, but I am curious if anyone has more info. I've noticed that baby powder scented wipes have all but disappeared from the shelves. I went to target, walmart, and my local supermarket with no luck. I used to love huggies thick wipes in the red pack that used to have a classic diaper-y powder scent. All the ones I see now are either unscented, or have adult-ish scents like cucumber or lavender. Even the few "baby fresh" scented wipes out there dont have this scent.

    Has anyone found wipes with a classic baby powder scent out there?


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    This is new to me! I would be equally interested in such a product. I did find a huge bottle of even more reminiscent baby powder for a dollar at the dollar store. A super deal!

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    Funny you should say that, but I ran into that kind of thing too. I grew up with a certain baby scented wipes and these days they just don't smell that way. I kind of like the green tea ones that it seems everyone has moved to, though it just doesn't bring you back like the original scent. Fortunately, I found at least one grocery store that does carry them. Its unfortunately only in Texas, it was at HEB. The baby wipes are their house brand, but they do very very good. They have nice designs etched in each baby wipe and have that old school smell that brings me back. Next time I'm in Texas, I am going to pick up more than just a three pack.

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    I have yet to find anymore baby powder scented wipes. However, huggies makes shea butter and cocoa scented wipe that doesn't smell like powder but it has such a babyish smell I've fallen inlove with them.

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    I've noticed this a bit. They all seem to have quite a sweet chemical smell to them. However the boots lightly scented wipes are really cheap (less than a pound) and smell great so hopefully they stick around, though I have noticed some stores no longer stock them :S

    This is how things are in the UK anyway...

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