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Thread: Diaper testing and sampling

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    Default Diaper testing and sampling

    Wanted to see what people think of this:

    One of the things I like most about being a DL is trying new diapers. I love finding that obscure diaper that no one has heard of and seeing what it's like. I had an idea... why not try and make a comprehensive list of all diapers out there.... sample every last one of them! For each diaper, I would get a pack of each size, take measurements, photos, weigh them, do a capacity test, and post the results. To help with costs and storage, I would make sample packs of the diapers I reviewed and sell them off at cost so that other people could try them. I would then encourage those people to post their observations as well. The result at the end would be a 'diaper encyclopedia' of sorts where people could go and find out about any diaper.

    Do you think something like this would be useful?

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    There is a list kinda like this on daily diaper.

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    I also thought a more complete list of brands, sizes/measurements could be helpful to most people. This is why I started measuring diapers from two ABU ultra sample packs (medium and large) and keeping a list. My intention was to measure every common diaper we all love and.... put my list some where on the net? What I realized though is diapers vary to drastically from brand to brand. Just because the measurements say it should fit you doesn't mean it will. Some mediums should have fit me but were almost too small for comfort and most larges are way too big. A good example of crazy sizing is Bambino! Bellissimos run smaller in size than the teddies (ordered med/lrg sample of both) and medium should fit me but don't. Medium teddy's fit but are tight and larges are too big. In conclusion the best method is still ordering a sample and going from there, personally I would never order a large supply without first ordering a sample. There are a few "review" sites I know of but most reviews are personal, not always helpful and don't include measurements (except xpmedical): - Age Play, Fetish Wear and Diaper Lover Community (reviews)

    XP Medical - Incontinence Supplies (tests & reviews)

    Welcome to Diaperbook - The newest community for diaper girls and guys (diaper encyclopedia)

    Adult diapers reviews of disposable adult diapers and incontinence support

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    ADISC tips for doing a diaper review here

    And here are the reviews for diapers on ADISC.

    Unfortunately, your idea of recovering the cost by selling the others probably won't go over too well. Similar "selling" posts and even "give away" posts have revealed that this would allow you to see real names and addresses of members. The majority of the people here, including myself, like the anonymity of the site. That's not to say some members don't mind, but it may be a hard sell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lonely View Post
    Is diaper book associated with face book?
    Nope it is not. You might still need to pay for things there yes but nope.

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