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Thread: i was watching a movie and then i saw this

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    Red face i was watching a movie and then i saw this

    so i started watching "Shoot Em Up" and they had a scene that i would say is pretty abdl ish, and i found a youtube clip of it and i wanted to share it with fellow abdl's :3

    ABDL: SHOOT'EM UP!!!! Movie - YouTube
    (not the best quality tho but it was the best i found)

    and sorry if this is posted at the wrong place

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    are you kidding? hat scene was total AB, baby bottles everywhere.... I was pleasantly amused, especially when the prostitute was saying 'You want me to take care of a real baby?'
    yeah, the show was unexpected, thats for sure

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyToddler View Post
    It's a good movie. "Sorry pal bar is closed"
    Yeah it was a pretty good movie >.< but i wish there were more of that ABDL scene

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    lol yes i remember that move i also remember the rubber flogging wall because my parents pointed that out more then the nursery.

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