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Thread: Hello all, from NE Ohio

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    Default Hello all, from NE Ohio

    Hey all, I'm 30 from the NE quadrant of Ohio. I'm pretty much into all sides of diaper play, wearing, dom/subbing, age-play. Have been that way since I was about 12.

    Non-diaper bio: I have finished up graduate schooling and have entered the professional world. History, mathematics, and politics are all tremendously interesting to me.

    I'm interested in fantasy (Brothers saga, Dragonriders of Pern, video games - PC gamer, Team Fortress, South Park, fiction / non-fiction books, sci-fi, microbrewery beer, politics. Favorite authors include Pynchon, Vonnegut, Joyce, and the works of Cicero, Dio, and Virgil. Am a fan of a wide variety of music, be it punk (political, 1982-UK, folk), EDM (dubstep, trance), rap (90s-today), metal (thrash / progressive / hair). Favorite movies include A Clockwork Orange, Human Highway, Bill & Ted, Back to the Future, Toxic Avenger. Love playing Magic: the Gathering.

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    Welcome jayemcee! I see you're from Ohio - There's quite a few other members here from there. I predict many ADISC friends in your future! lol What is your favorite diaper?

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    zipperless, i haven't had a chance to wear many since i started back up again. was out of the scene for a while - molicares were always good

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