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Thread: Most memorable diaper experiences

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    Default Most memorable diaper experiences

    Anyone have any diaper-related memories that they always think back to? For me the first time I put on a diaper as an adult and me as a child waking up in wet goodnites are what I always think back to.

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    The last one I remember is being two and playing my piano while in a t-shirt and a diaper.

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    They would mostly be 'firsts' shared with girlfriends. Admiring her in the mirror wearing her first nappy, giggling like two naughty schoolgirls. Changing her first wet one, making sure that she enjoyed her first change as much as I did. The delicious realisation that my sweetheart had done her first mess and the moment of truth when I pulled her waistband open at the back to check. The opposite moment when she asked "Have you done something smelly in your nappy" and the relief of discovering, as she changed me, that she didn't find it too icky. All.moments of intense pleasure and togetherness.

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    The first diaper my GF put me in for the night (the second one actually but the first didn't last long), waking up in the morning and calling in sick to work. I was talking to my boss wearing a Bambino Teddy! It still makes me smile.

    The high was incredible. I was on another planet!

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    The first time I changed at a rest area. I was traveling alone and diapered(Depend Max). I needed to change but had never done it in public. I chickened out on actually going in so I pulled to the truck/rv lot which was pretty empty and found a spot not near anybody. I drive a Cadillac Deville so its back seat is big enough and where I did it. Just as I finished taping I sat up and as I did...a state trooper was riding through. He saw me pop up and was like wtf. So I put my pants on as he circled around. I got out and he pulled up and asked if everything was ok. I had my pack of diapers sitting in the rear window of the car. I just kind of glanced down at my crotch and then to the diapers and said "yes, everything is fine." I think at that point he was like "oh my" because he just said to be safe and left.

    I was so nervous!

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    Whenever I came home from work and my girlfriend said she had been cleaning my room.. which had me nervous BC my stash was behind my TV stand. Well she kept dropping these little hints of babyish stuff. Well she finally dropped the question "why was there diapers in your room?" And before I could mutter an excuse she pulled down her pajamas and to my surprise was one of my assurance diapers on her.turns out she had been searching through my computer and found Abdl websites and had been searching for my stash for a week.

    That's my most memorable thing to me

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    Too many great diaper experiences to recount, but my most memorable was when I was 5. I was eating lunch in ski school. As I remember it, I spilled alphabet soup on my pants, but my teacher didn't believe me and thought that I had an accident. The teacher took me into the diaper changing room for babies, put me on the floor, stripped me naked, and diapered me in thick diapers for the rest of the day. I remember being in absolute heaven and arrived home in a soaked diaper, much to the surprise of my parents. I had been out of daytime diapers since age 2, but still wore them at night. Wearing them again as an older child during the day was a dream come true, and is a recurring dream of mine to relive that moment.

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    My memory isn't all that good of when I was young, but probably the best diaper experience of recent years was when I started to use baby powder every time I padded up. True, the experience of wearing a diaper felt great, but that was amplified when I started using baby powder. The scent of it, how soft it felt, just everything about it made the joy of wearing much more amazing.

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    i ran out of goodnites on an extended christmas 2 week vacation when i was 9 because my mom didn't plan on staying that long, so i was put in diapers that were for my younger toddler cousin at for the rest of the 10 days at night! Barney luvs. and not a single leak all vacation. And i was diapered by my aunt and mom :/ but it was always after dinner and i got to wear well into the next day! the rest of the cousins teased me but i loved it and was happy to show my diaper off to them

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    most memorable for me was my morning ritual from the time i was 4 till 10 i would wake up in my wet diaper (switched to pullups around 7) then imediatly pooping in it then going out to the kitchen to get breakfast id have enough time to eat and watch some cartoons before my parents found me and changed me into a clean diaper.

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