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Thread: Finding the best pair of Plastic Pants

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    Default Finding the best pair of Plastic Pants

    Looking into purchasing a pair of plastic pants for myself, as I find myself having leaking problems with diapers lately. Plus, have been thinking about a locking pair as I am used to combining my AB/DL side with a bit of BDSM.

    While I have done some searching for some decent pairs, I wanted to ask for outside opinions on which would be the best to consider and how much money I could save.

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    You can try Fetware as they have locking pants. I have their regular plastic pants and like them.

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    Babykins 6mil feel the best and mine have lasted a long time i feel mebey buy one from every one buy from you like best.

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    Try ebay, get the ones from China, usually start at $.99 and end up about $4.00. Takes a couple of weeks to get them and they have several colors as well as snap-on and pull-on styles. They are durable and last a long time.

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    mommys baby pants! the milky white tuffy are amazing! theyre high back plastic pants and are a thicker plastic

    have loved mine since i got them

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    If you are wearing disposables and intend to use plastic pants over them to contain any overflow, then don't! I learned this the hard way. Once the liquid is outside of a disposable the plastic pants do little to contain it.

    The BDSM side of it I cannot help you with. Good luck!

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    I have been using the PUL pants from Adult Cloth Diaper for over a year now. They are a bit more expensive....I think these cost about $25 a pair...but they work well, they hold up to washing well, and they fit well. I had problems with the regular plastic pants getting hard and cracking after only a few months. The PUL pants don't have this problem. I have four pair, three of which I've had for almost a year, and they are still just as good as the day I got them. They do tend to shrink just a bit, so keep that in mind. They also breathe better than regular plastic pants which means there is not as much heat build up. They are not foolproof however...if you over saturate a cloth diaper then they will leak. Also, these PUL pants tend to wick at the elastic if a cloth diaper gets too wet. I've not tried them with disposables, but I imagine the same things will happen...if a disposable leaks at the waist or legs then the PUL pants will probably not contain it too well. Good luck with your plastic pants search.

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