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Thread: This is what I picked up this weekend!

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    Default This is what I picked up this weekend!

    Based on product price, shipping costs and availability, I decided to not get diapers from AB Canada anymore and just get them from the US Store. I got them shipped to a depot in Niagara Falls, NY and this weekend when I was in Niagara Falls, ON I crossed over and picked them up. It worked out really well. Because I was already down that way, there was very little gas cost for the actual diaper pick-up.

    I would definitely do it this way again. It wasn't a big deal coming back across the border either. I was just up front that I had 2 cases of Adult Diapers and had my receipt ready to show them. Now I have so many diapers! I ordered twice what I usually do to make it even more cost effective.

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    Wow! A lot of members including myself are envious of your supply.

    Looks like you're new here. Why not take a minute and formally introduce yourself in the introduction section here. Looking forward to hearing more diaper adventures from you!

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    I've heard of border crossing for good booze, but diapers.... Your a genius!!! I gotta but that on my bucket list. Welcome Pigeon

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    That is amazing, mate. I'm awestruck by the multitude you managed to get: that looks like it could last you almost half a year XD

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    That's about how much I get at one time, it'll last about 6 months.

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