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    So I was sitting on my couch this evening and I suddenly wet my self. I was not wearing a diaper and it was all of sudden and I and the couch was extremely wet. I wear diapers as an AB quite often but have never had this happen. Has anyone else experienced this before. Is it a sign on things to come?

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    Without knowing more about you, it's hard to say. Some members become "un" potty trained and since they're use to wearing diapers, they inadvertently let go when they shouldn't. Did you drink a lot? Was alcohol involved? Did you doze off? Once may not be anything, but if it keeps up, you definitely need to see a doctor.

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    No I haven't had any alcohol this evening. not much to drink either. Wide awake too. It was so odd. Once it started I had a hard time stopping it.

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    Could be an infection of some kind. I had a bladder infection once. Not fun, but medicine cleared it right up.

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    I haven't had any honest wetting accedents sense I was 12 but I recently had a pooping accedent luckily I was home alone

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    I frequently experience that - basically daily... as I'm IC...
    Now there are an number of things that can trigger what you have experienced, some medical, some psychological, some a combination of both.

    if this so far has beeen a one time occurence I wouldn't read too much into it - yet.
    if it happens again, time to see an urologist..
    If you experience any pain / discomfort or get far more frequent urges to urinate (really often), if it would burn whilst you pee, if you experience dribbling, etc... either as individual symptoms or in any combination - time to see a doc.
    Same goes for back pain, numbness, etc... general discomfort - time ot see a doc.

    without any of these symptoms and it being a one time thing I most likely would concur that it was AB related - maybe really almost a subconscious thing. Something you basically "wanted" to experience.
    The mind is an incredibly powerful thing.

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    I had a bit of an accident some months ago, although around that time I hadn't been wearing diapers too often. I was on my way to the restroom, and apparently had to go worse than I thought. I just started to go. Luckily I was very close to the bathroom, but I still had a few little puddles to clean up. While it wasn't anything to worry about, I agree with zipperless and EP01 in saying that if it continues you need to see a doctor.

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    Sometimes knowing I have a diaper on can make my mindset more able to just wet if I need to wherever I am! This never happens without a diaper on at my age... unless I laugh way too much really hard. :\ However, maybe your mind kind of knew you had it on. That's the only other explanation I can think of besides what EP01 was saying above.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bashfuldlguy View Post
    I envy you, sir.
    oh my....

    really really wrong comment. someone wets by accidents, involuntarily, wets the couch his pants etc... might be something medical (MIGHT).... and you envy him.
    Well we certainly live in a weird world.

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