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Thread: So I finally bought some.

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    Default So I finally bought some.

    After years of planning and months of acquiring income I drove on the way home from work to a nearby pharmacy and picked up some Depends, not once but twice. The first time I was understandably nervous and the second time I was considerably less nervous. After wearing it's everything I imagined it would be and then some. I can't see myself ever being without them. I'm going to have to get used to buying and wearing them because once I move out, I'll be in them 24/7, at least, that's the plan anyway.

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    Have you ever heard of the Binge/Purge cycle? It's where people experience something new and exciting (in this case the focus is on diapers) and they binge about wanting to do it all the time. Find a really tasty restaurant? You'll probably say "Oh my gosh I am for sure coming back here." I myself have claimed after having found a good restaurant "I really want to try everything on the menu at least once." But you know the bad thing about that binge? There's usually a crashing purge afterwards. For example, going to the restaurant every day could make you quite sick of the food there, or you'll realize how much money you're spending on going to that restaurant all the time. It just doesn't feel quite the same anymore, and I wouldn't want you to invest a whole bunch of money to decide later on that you went a bit overboard on your expenses.

    I'm glad you have experienced the thrill of finally being able to pad up on your own, and applaud your courage to go buy diapers in public not once, but twice. However, be careful about doubling down and wearing 24/7. The expenses of that are high and the reward may diminish greatly over time. I'm not saying you can't do it. There are quite a few ABDL's who do wear 24/7 of their own free will. But try to ease yourself into it a bit before you fully commit to going 24/7.

    Also, Depends aren't even the best quality diaper out there. Try ordering some online if you do decide to go 24/7 so you can invest in some quality diapers. It will be cheaper in the long run if you're buying in bulk and not constantly changing due to a leaky diaper or uncomfortable feeling.

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    Cloth is also pretty cost efficient for going 24/7.

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    Its a fantastic feeling when you first put a nappy on isn't it?.I'm surprised it took years of planning though, but nobody said there was a timescale.I have started wearing 24/7 and love it so far, but finances may be an issue if I want to carry on, but its looking okay at the moment.Enjoy living your new nappied lifestyle, I know I do.

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    I'm partially fecal IC due to IBS, so I probably should go 24/7 anyway just in case. It'd certainly be more convenient than panicking when loose episodes pop up. For now, I sorta have to pretend to be normal for the time being because I know for sure my dad will mock for it, he did the pulled the whole "calling me a baby" shtick during my bedwetting phase. My mom might be understanding but it'd just be a whole nother elephant in the room in the room none of us want to deal with right now. As for cloth. they are cost effective yes, but not too practical for messing.

    Edit: Depends may not be the best out there but I figured out how to make them work. Just don't sit down in them past 1 large wetting. Give them time to absorb and they will do fine, press out is their biggest culprit of leaking. I was able to sleep a full night in one with no leaks.
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