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Thread: Japanese adult diaper recognition thread

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    Question Japanese adult diaper recognition thread

    Hi folks, this is a cross-post from reddit :3

    An ABDL friend of mine is touring Japan and is on the hunt for this brand of diaper, however my best efforts have turned up naught. So let's try crowd-sourcing!

    This is the diaper in question: imgur: the simple image sharer unfortunately I can't read Japanese (nor can my friend, who is getting-by with his smartphone and a phrasebook) and our attempts at using Japanese OCR on the text on the diaper isn't working either.

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    The writing on the front transcribes to Atento and this should be the brands website: ??????????????????????. I tried to find some of these japanese diapers myself, last time I was in Japan... somehow I failed

    Good luck to your friend!

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    Those are Attento, aka Japanese Attends.

    Attento Tape Diapers M30

    Used to be made by attends, but now made by japanese baby diaper manufacturer goo.n

    They look like great diapers, although I would have like to try them when they were still attends and plastic :/


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    Thanks for that piece of information, I thought the similarity betwewen Atento <-> Attends was rather coincidental.

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