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Thread: What Diaper to try next?

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    Hi, I have recently been wanting to try new diapers. I have been using Molicare Super Plus in small size and they have been great, no leaks and hold pretty well. They are a tad small but not bad overall. I was looking for a decently priced next diaper to try. What should I try? Where can I get a good deal?

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    If you can get hold of Tena brand, I would recommend giving those a try. I have tried loads of different ones over the last couple of years and I always come back to Tena.

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    One caution on the tena from personal experience: if you're using molicare smalls and they're a tad tight, there's a possibility that the tena small will probably be borderline too small for you. I fit into both, but molicare definitely runs larger than tena.

    If you're looking for other diapers that are cheap and in your size range, the select fitted brief is kind of neat. It's made by tranquility (of tranquility ATN fame), they're really cheap, and the mediums actually fit me pretty well. Absorbancy isn't the best, but they feel awesome when wet.

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