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Thread: Any encounters with the third kind?

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    Default Any encounters with the third kind?

    As some of you may know I'm a believer in aliens (in fact they terrify me) and I was wondering if any of you had ever had an experience with them, be it sighting a UFO, an extra terrestrial or being abducted.

    *Hides behind his sofa* Okay! Fire your answers!

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    I love the subject of UFO's and I used to live right in the middle of Rendlesham Forest where there was supposedly a famous sighting.I think once in my life I have seen something that I would consider to be a UFO.When me and my friends were young an unusual shaped craft flew right over us and close and made no sound what so ever.This was at night time.

    I find it silly to think that out of all the billions of galaxies in the universe that also harbor billions of stars that we are alone.I don't ever worry about abduction although I find it interesting.That's not to say I believe every story out there, but I'm open minded.

    Why are you terrified of them?

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    Yes, it happened a few years ago. I was lying down on a grassy hilltop gazing at the stars when, all of a sudden, I saw a blindingly bright light. After a while the light faded and I found myself surrounded by three glowing green figures. "We come in peace," one of them said to me in an ethereal voice, but then they took me back to their spaceship and rectally probed me, so maybe they didn't come in peace after all!??

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    No - and to be perfectly honest... I would be more likely to believe I had dinner with churchill and thatcher over the weekend and played a game of checkers with hitler over lunch than in any of the so called alien-sightings or any of the UFO stuff.

    I'm a believer in science and that there is a far more rational and logic explanation to such "sightings"...
    And if only for the fact that none of that stuff makes ANY sense.

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    Do I believe there is life somewhere in the universe? Yes. Do I believe they have visited Earth? Nope.

    The universe is too big to say there is nothing out there and as far as we know the universe has no end. So it is indeed plausible.

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    I love to be rectally probed, but so far, my alien visitation has been sparse to none at all. As for the possibility, why not?

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    I'm fairly certain my brother is an alien, hmm....

    But, in all seriousness, I have lived next to a large military base that has been known for weapons testing and bizarre flight tests. While I haven't seen anything myself, I do know some people that have claimed to have seen weird things in the sky from time to time when out in the backcountry on the perimeter of the base.

    Personally I tend to think it's nothing out of the ordinary or devious, but it is fun to read about some of the 'sightings'.

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    Nope, but sometimes I wish I would see a UFO kinda... I dunno what to think about them though. I want to believe aliens visit, but I don't know. I really wish we had officially confirmed contact with or even just knowledge of alien life. It's really not so impossible as some people think, especially if they have mastered artificial intelligence technology. they wouldn't have to necessarily come in person (though I am not saying that's impossible either). they could send androids or robots, or just an advanced probe like a satellite. Who even knows what other technologies they would have mastered? There is a chance that humanity could be the most advanced race, though I find that idea disappointing

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    The sky is perpetually interesting to me day or night. My celestial interest goes back to my childhood and I have always been interested in such questions about realms beyond our universe. Sometimes driving home at night I spot an unusual llght in the sky and wonder if it perhaps is 'that' moment we are visited by an alien aircraft.

    This far I have nothing of interest to relate back to you in story-form but I cannot explicitly deny that these types of musing are far from my mind. My sis is convinced she has spotted such entities but I am less inclined to believe anything unless witnessed myself. Although the thought intriques me daily.

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    I'm not sure why they scare me so much. It's most likely a phobia but I do wonder...

    Im of the opinion that they are visiting but obviously not to cause harm or fear. I also think that they are in contact with some world governments. Though I don't know why.

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